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Have you made toys for the feline friends in your life? Great for the tiniest cat lovers. I crocheted cat toys not figure out the FDC stitch…I am a self taught crocheterAND left handed, so, I had a hard time following the tutorial videoI just chained the amount of stitches I needed to get her length in the arms allowing room for growth and double crocheted instead. Crocheted cat toys you so very much for this wonderful pattern! I made the bouncy ball hanger. Love all the round-ups you post! Ik heb net een muis gemaakt hij is erg leuk geworden ik heb hem op Face book gezet!!
Baby Girl - Age: 27
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Cat Pack Attack vol 1 by Cecinatrix, a Ravelry download: It is a wonderful non profit business that is run SOLELY on donations and they make the interview process as comfortable and painless for children of abuse up to the age of 18 as possible. The purrfect gift oh yeah, I went there already to show your devotion to the little king or queen.

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They're the Cat's Meow: Free Crochet Patterns for Cat Lovers!

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If you talk to the designer they might be able to help! It has been years sense I have done anything to do with crafting and feels so good to have something to keep my hands busy, being so very cute is a huge bonus! I love the patterns here and plan to try out a few on my own kitties before going on to the craft show level.

Pamper Your Kitty with These Fun Toys!

Kittens in a Row Scarf - free crochet patterns for cat lovers! #crochet; Easy Peasy Catnip Mouse Toy by Meelai, on Tubachingching's Weblog. This adorable cat toy is filled with catnip. It is almost too cute to let your cat play with. You could also fill him with some lavender and put him in your guest. Entertain your pet with this easy to crochet cat toy. Free pattern included to make this fun play toy for your kitten or cat.
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cupcake - Age: 31
Price - 138$

The cat toys are perfect. I am in the process of making the cat skoodie for my granddaughter, on the last part of the hood at the moment.

Easy Peasy Catnip Mouse Toy

I have a couple of roundups geared towards men, what did you have in mind? Choose from a fish, a bird, a bat, a snake, a mouse or an octopus to keep your feline friend on her paws! I am doing mine in hot pink she LOVES pink and it will match her winter coat, using white for the inner ears and paws. Thank you so very much for this wonderful pattern! I turn and go back the other way.
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Cosmo - Age: 28
Price - 110$

Your email address will not be published. Thank you so very much for this wonderful pattern! Knit these Catnip Mice in Fun Fur for a furry toy for your furry friend.
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If you have a kitty at home he or she will most definitely need one of these. A DIY crochet cat toy that works up in just a few minutes. These little mice are s. Kitties love toys to bat around. Why not craft a cat toy in the shape of a mouse, fish, or even fortune cookie to keep a smile on that furry face?. Kittens in a Row Scarf - free crochet patterns for cat lovers! #crochet; Easy Peasy Catnip Mouse Toy by Meelai, on Tubachingching's Weblog.
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