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A true tricolor must consist of three colors: Shaded golden and tipped golden are also possible. One of the problems with the Oriental Cinnamon is that the light coat shows ghost markings, and though some allowance has to be for this preference must be given to the clearest coats. The density of the hair was similar to normally coated Maine Coons, but consisted only of cinnamon and white cat type hairs with a normal down type helical curl, which varied as in normal down hairs. For example, cats may have point colorationbut not be Cinnamon and white cat. A study suggests that spotted is caused by the modification of mackerel stripes, and may cause varying phenotypes such as "broken mackerel" tabbies via multiple loci.
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The Foreign White must surely be the most elegant of the Orientals, with a look as delicate as porcelain. This pattern is the result of a temperature sensitive mutation in one of the enzymes in the metabolic pathway from tyrosine to pigment, such as melanin ; thus, little or no pigment is produced except in the extremities or points where the skin is slightly cooler. The Apricots are of course Creams that also have the Dilute Modifier D m gene in their makeup; by and large they are an attractive colour.

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What then does the Judge do when confronted by a faultless female who has scattered white hairs around the back of her neck and between the shoulders?

The Oriental Selfs

The Oriental Selfs are the single colour cats the Black, Blue, Havana, Lilac, With the exception of the Foreign White all Orientals are of genotype CC or Ccs and . One of the problems with the Oriental Cinnamon is that the light coat shows. Cat coat genetics affect the coloration, pattern, length, and texture is a complex subject, and It has two recessive variants, b(chocolate), and bl(cinnamon), with bl being recessive to both B and b. . With intermediate amounts of white, a cat may exhibit a calico pattern, a tortie pattern, or something in between, depending . Cinnamon is a rare color gene in the cat world and non existent in the . The other cinnamon carrier, the brown tabby and white girl, had an “off nose” so I had .
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The two most common places where white markings are likely to be found are on the neck under the chin, and in the middle of the tummy. There have been many genes identified that result in unusual cat fur.

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Unidentified "rufousing polygenes " are theorized to be the reason for this variance. The nose leather, eye rims and paw pads are brown or pinkish-brown. As a Judge and an exhibitor I have to say that in either situation the decision will always be between my conscience and me! The shades which are present in the pale bands of a tabby are not considered to constitute a separate color. A colorpointed cat has dark colors on the face, ears, feet, and tail, with a lighter version of the same color on the rest of the body, and possibly some white. The factor that distinguishes tortoiseshell from calico is the pattern of eumelanin and pheomelanin, which is partly dependent on the amount of white, due to an effect of the white spotting gene on the general distribution of melanin.
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Nose leather and eye rims are black, and paw pads are a dark brown to black.
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Media in category "Cinnamon and white cats". The following 3 files are in this category, out of 3 total. Eating 4, × 3,; MB. Bicolor. Image result for black and white cat. Point Image result for chocolate spotted tabby cat. Tabby (Mackerel) Image result for cinnamon spotted tabby. It was well know that the combination of the sex-linked orange gene and the himalayan gene in cats did not produce a white cat - it produced a Red Point.
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