Custom pet urn

The remarkable feature about this particular urn is that you can send an image in, and a talented artist will replicate your pet's markings on the sleeping cat or dog figure, so it appears as if your 'angel pet' is soundly custom pet urn peacefully sleeping. Ceramic and Marble Urns. Each and every one of our beloved pet has its own unique character. I have also been picking lost animals up off the street and finding homes for them for just as long. Handmade Custom Pet Urns for your Best Friend That old saying that pet's mirror their owners can certainly be custom pet urn in many cases. Usually ships in business days Wooden Pet Custom pet urn is a high quality solid wood urn. Agape Pet Services offers personalized dog urns in a variety of sizes to make sure your selection is just right to memorialize your lost pet.
Mia - Age: 20
Price - 79$

Agape Pet Services is proud to share our collection of art glass and 3D laser photo keepsakes and memorials such as photo keychains.

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Dog Urns | Personalized Pet Urns for Dogs | Custom Engraving Available

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To be safe, you should add 10 cubic inches to this estimate and use that approximate size to select your dog cremation urn.

Custom Pet Urns

Actual dog or cat paw print personalized pendant necklace Keep your beloved pets paw or nose print close to your heart. A name can be engraved on the front. These Custom Pet Urns courtesy of the Pet Memorial Urns Online network are a special way to pay tribute to your deceased pet as they draw a connection. Best Friend Services carries a huge selection of figurine pet urns and offers the hardwood urn bases, and a personalized brass nameplate, our figurine urns.
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Freddie - Age: 32
Price - 141$

Double Deep Bronze Headstones. Often it is too emotional to even think of what to do with the body or ashes.

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Usually ships in business days Wooden Pet Urn is a high quality solid wood urn. From meandering walks in the park to long nights on the couch, they are our constant companions. The urn has a smooth finish and boasts a photo frame with solid brass plaque. I hope I can ease your loss today. Light a candle in memory of your loved one with this beautiful votive candle holder.
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Bubby - Age: 31
Price - 152$

It is truly unique and we love it. The pet appears to be sleeping in a basket, and features angel wings. I look forward to hearing from you.
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Custom Hand Made Pet Urns which are unique and one of a kind cremation urn for the ashes of your loved dog and cat or other animals. Alex in Welderland's beautiful handcrafted pet urns and pet memorials for your loved pet. These pet urns are created by local artists, with love and compassion, . Actual dog or cat paw print personalized pendant necklace Keep your beloved pets paw or nose print close to your heart. A name can be engraved on the front.
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