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If you would like to make a donation of supplies here marion animal care and control our wish list: Exotic Animals Any animal that is not common to the area. Offer excellent customer service and humane education. If a fox, bobcat, raccoon or opossum is on your property and shows no fear of human beings you should exercise extreme caution and call the Environmental Services Department. What is the leash law in Marion County?
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Pets cannot run at large. Common Terms Dangerous Animal Any animal whose behavior constitutes a reasonable risk of injuring a human or animal or damaging personal or real property. If you would like to make a donation of supplies here is our wish list:

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Animal Control – Williamson County, Illinois

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Can I borrow a trap?

Marion Animal Care & Control

The mission of Animal Care & Control is to provide a compassionate and healthy environment for the animals in their care until they are returned to owners or. Service and Fee Schedule. Dog Adoption Prices. Adoption Fee: $ All Adoptions Include: Spay/​Neuter; Rabies; Booster Shots; Microchip; Flea. Browse through photos of adoptable pets here or visit the shelter to find your Marion County ordinance requires those convicted of an animal abuse crime to.
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At our facility volunteers are always welcome, be it to help with the cleaning of cages, transporting animals to rescues or vet, feeding the animals or just socializing with the animals.


Donations are accepted as well. However, this definition shall not apply to any animal that has been subjected to provocation or if the victim has been trespassing, as defined herein, upon the animal owner's premises. All of our animals are given vaccinations preventing Kennel Cough, Parvo, and other virus as soon as they are brought into the facility. The behavior includes, but is not limited to, an animal biting or attempting to attack a human or another animal. Can I borrow a trap? If an animal is brought in as a stray it will be held for a minimum of seven days, not only to learn the animal but to allow the owners an ample amount of time to find them, then the animal is placed available for adoption.
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There is a public nuisance ordinance that states that the animal must be on the owner's property or on or under the owner's control at all times. Can I borrow a trap? How do I report animal abuse?
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Funds we receive are used to care for the animals: medicine, spay/neuter, are tied out with no shelter, food or water, and sometimes left abandoned to die. The mission of Southside Animal Shelter is to rescue at risk dogs and cats and nurture and restore them to happy healthy lives in loving homes. Amazon donates to Marion Animal Resource Connection when you shop Prime Day deals at Shelter Animals Count | The National Database Project.
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