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Manx X Ragdoll Free. Offer Type Offering 19 Wanted 1. Red and white with very blue eyes. They have been given nothing but love since the day they were born and they know it. Good with kids and other animals. I am a student so bobtail kitten for sale only message!
Jade - Age: 25
Price - 142$

No holds please come and meet them to select one. Despite its rather wild appearance, the American Bobtail is a friendly, highly intelligent, adaptable and personable cat.

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American Bobtail - Information, Characteristics, Facts, Names

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Its vocal behavior can be tolerable. Home All Breeds Wallpapers. The American Bobtail is a medium-to-large cat with a solid, muscular body and a luxurious coat.

American Bobtail

Top quality American Bobtail cats and kittens are available at Oztoca's American Bobtails, a CFA and TICA registered cat breeder in Kansas. Bobtail kitten. Meow! Why buy an American Bobtail kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Look at pictures of American Bobtail kittens who need a home. Our Regional Winner Kitten. Breed Winner Cat. Double Grand Champion Catalons Bam Bam. Seal Mink Spotted Tabby Shorthair. Here are just .
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Ginger - Age: 27
Price - 101$

They typically get along well with dogs and other cats, even welcoming newcomers of the two or four-legged variety with ease into the household.

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Mumma Cat is a manx and only one of her babies is a manx. They are Manx x so 3 have no tails 2 have long normal tails. Poor Bobby came in infested with fleas which he is allergic to and some trauma happened to his poor infected tail. Shedding will occur often for this cat breed. The American Bobtail comes in all colors and coat patterns, both in long-haired and short-haired varieties. All Types Offering 10 Featured Ads:
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Muffin - Age: 30
Price - 98$

She loves being around everyone.
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Find manx kittens ads in our Cats & Kittens category. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. CFA-registered Japanese Bobtail cat cattery/breeder located in Show and pet quality kittens born in most litters. Check out our kittens and cats for sale. Top quality American Bobtail cats and kittens are available at Oztoca's American Bobtails, a CFA and TICA registered cat breeder in Kansas. Bobtail kitten.
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