Cat ate onion

Perhaps better they have something to eat that I maybe wouldn't cat ate onion my pet cat? The toxic agent present in onions is caused by the oxidant n-propyl disulfide. I caught him before he ate any salmon, but I read here powdered is more dangerous. Cat ate onion I be worried? Thank you for your help. Keep an eye on Callie for the time being, but if she continues it be lethargic or gets worse you should visit your Veterinarian to be on the safe side. Thanks for your help!!
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She was around it wost of the time.

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My 11 week old kitten just ate a piece of onion Help! : Pets

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Talk to the vet about the symptoms you have observed, when they began, and if possible, when your cat consumed onion.

Onion Poisoning in Cats

WebMD's slideshow explains the most dangerous and toxic foods to your cat. My cat got on the bench and ate some meat loaf that had onion in it. I am not sure how much she had do you think she will be OK? Also she is. It may take up to two to four days after your pet eats the onion for symptoms to appear. Onions It takes a very small amount of onions to poison your cat or dog .
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Woke up to find my kitten having diarrhea and vomiting white foam. Cat may have stolen a tiny piece of fried onion off my plate. Your pet doesn't need a dental diet, they just need some abrasion against their teeth.

Onion Toxicity in Cats

These tests include a complete blood count, blood chemistry profile, and urinalysis. Diagnosis of Onion Poisoning in Cats. Has Symptoms No sympt. He vomited three times so I'm fairly sure everything is out. I don't think I could do it:
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My husband was just eating Chinese food and gave the cats some cooked onions. Justin got two pieces about 1 inch long and 1/4 inch wide. What to do if your cat eats onion. Vomiting and diarrhea are the first signs that your cat may have onion toxicosis. It is not normal for your cat to. WebMD's slideshow explains the most dangerous and toxic foods to your cat.
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