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Notable Members Current Visitors. If I had him "put down" as they say about diseased cattle then he could just drift off in my arms if I can arrange that with my vet. Death, for pets, without euthanasia intervention, in order not to be cruel, has to be accompanied with active medical intervention, aggressive pain management, wound home remedy euthanize cat, oxygen supplementation, hygiene, etc These latter interventions are far from being natural. Jul 23, 5. Jul 23, 1.
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He was suffering too much and was too far gone for a vet to help him.

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Natural Death | Home Pet Euthanasia of Southern California

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We could have let him suffer for a few more hours but that would have been cruel.

Euthanize your own cat? Yes or No? WARNING- GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS

Yes, OP. Just ring the nearest humane society and tell them your BF is a cunt who doesn't care for his pet properly. They will euthanize your cat and hopefully do. A practical and effective method of at-home euthanasia for small pets. Also excluded from AVMA approval would be all cats and dogs, even small ones. We have 7 house cats and consider Frankie our 8th but outdoor pet. He used to be a large, muscular feral approx 18#. He now looks like a kitten approx 8#.
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I always hold them when the vet gives them the final shot. It is NOT the way of nature.

Home Pet Euthanasia of Southern California

But the more we know about animal pain and signs of suffering, the more we realize that this is a rare event. I love pets and I became a veterinarian because I wanted to help pets and as best as I could, prevent them from suffering. I guess that would mean an injection. Could I ever take my cats life with my own hands? I have nothing against domestication. If I could find a place to take him where he could be an outdoor cat, which the Humane Society would never agree to, then I could never adopt another cat from any of their shelters. If the OP meant could I actually take the life of an animal myself:
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Just because a male cat sprays that's news!
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We have 7 house cats and consider Frankie our 8th but outdoor pet. He used to be a large, muscular feral approx 18#. He now looks like a kitten approx 8#. Some pet owners want to be in control of a pet's death & ask how to euthanize a cat or dog at home. Learn why this isn't a good idea in The. If hes a pet, the only humane way would be euthanasia at a vets office. Call the vet and explain your situation. Or contact your local cat.
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