My cat is sleeping more than usual

Stressed cats may spend less time grooming and interacting, or they may spend more time awake and scanning their environment, hide more, withdraw and exhibit signs of depression. Subtle Signs of Sickness. Schedule an appointment for a checkup. A change in weight does not necessarily correlate with a change in appetite. Kittens sleep even more, due to the growth hormone that is released. This is a medical emergency, my cat is sleeping more than usual in male cats, who are more prone to urinary tract blockages because of the anatomy of their urinary tracts. Weight checks are another good reason for semiannual exams.
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Increased food consumption can point to problems such as diabetes or hyperthyroidism. We had a neighbours cat that came to us for many years from being a kitten, she stayed in our house for hours every day ,we even had a bed for her by the.

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Subtle Signs of Sickness

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This may be due to the fact that the body tries to fight the disease and requires more rest time. Cat care New Year resolutions. Click here to post comments.

Top 10 Reasons to See Your Vet

Learn how to regularly check your cat's health in order to keep her in tip-top For example, if your cat is sleeping more than usual, or they seem quieter and less. A cat that is sleeping more than usual may have an undetected illness or the extensive sleeping hours may also be caused by pregnancy or old age. It is good to. If you feel your cat is sleeping more than usual, address the list above and rule out anything you can. What can't be ruled out can be looked over by a Vet.
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If you notice this symptom, a veterinarian at The Cat Hospital can help determine the appropriate treatment. Often, by the time cats display an illness, the disease has progressed significantly, necessitating more extensive and costly treatment.

Cat Sleeping Hours

Rather, they indicate that a veterinary visit may be needed. Changes in vocalization Increased vocalization or howling tends to be more common in older cats, and it can signal an underlying medical condition such as hyperthyroidism. With vomiting in a young puppy I always worry about parvovirus and Daytime rest generally consists of several catnaps. A cat that is ill may sleep more than usual. Studies indicate that 50 percent or more of indoor cats are overweight, which can lead to or be a complicating factor in a long list of medical and behavior problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and joint problems, as well as an overall reduced quality of life. Thank You It really is most appreciated.
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Please be aware that paracetamol and On average, an adult cat will sleep between hours per day; however, every pet is an individual and some require more sleep than others. An adult cat can sleep between 12 to 16 hours.
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A cat should respond quickly to usual stimuli, such as the owner walking into the room or cat food being prepared. If your cat is sleeping more than usual or has. Most cats sleep around 16 hours a day, with kittens and seniors If your cat is sleeping far more than usual, this might be a sign of illness. According to Dr. Primm, if you believe your cat is sleeping more than is normal, you should take your cat to their veterinarian for a thorough exam and blood work .
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