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WhiskeyTangoOct 13, Not sure about food puzzles? The are so awesome. Seek help from a veterinarian immediately. My buddy suggested naming him Kush, but I think I might go with Taz. FreeDaHerbOct 13, And this can be a big problem — the Animal Poison Control Center explains the DeltaTHC Tetrahydrocannabinol element in the marijuana plant is toxic to dogs, cats, and weed names for cats horses.
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The name kind of says it all.

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Marijuana and Dogs and Cats: A Risky Combination

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Uh oh: Marijuana poisoning in pets is on the rise

His music is synonymous with Rastafarianism, the island of Jamaica, and, of course, weed – or should I say ganja? Marley is a perfect stoner pet name, and you. Ever wonder which female cat names are the most popular? Take a look at the top names on our list over 5, cute girl cat and kitten names! Search by breed. Jul 16, im getting a new kitten and i get to pick the name and i wanted it to be weed related but i dont want it to be obvious. its a HE and its black and.
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That, and Cat Piss, another kitty reference weed strain. No, create an account now. I thought it was a requirement for New England hippies to at some point own a funny looking shepherd mix named Indica?

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The name kind of says it all. Oh well, what can you do? Ninja Turtles Kush This strain, known for its potent berry goodness, is hilarious to us just imagining someone smoking this and expecting to be anything close to a ninja. I'm debating between Doobie and Nugget right now lol. Have a point of view to share? What should a pet owner do if they suspect their four-legged friend has ingested marijuana? They stagger around dribbling urine everywhere.
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Vetstreet does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. I have a big fluffy black cat named Puff. Have a point of view to share?
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From dogs and cats to turtles and birds, find out which types of animals are truly a Not only are pets fun to be around after smoking some cannabis, but they also . The Top Cannabis Strains to Enjoy During the Fall Season. His music is synonymous with Rastafarianism, the island of Jamaica, and, of course, weed – or should I say ganja? Marley is a perfect stoner pet name, and you. Looking for the perfect stoner name for your new pet? I've compiled a list of various names that work well for any pet – no matter if it's a cat, dog, or your iguana.
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