Barn cat rescue

A person must be on site once a day to feed and barn cat rescue the cats. Please email jessv hshv. HSHV does not accept or take in feral cats. Whatever the reason, we still believe these cats barn cat rescue a happy life and that they can be placed with families who value them as much as we do. This program is for cats in our shelter. To people who qualify, barn cat adoption is FREE.
Lily - Age: 27
Price - 93$

Then they should be given free range of their new home.

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Barn Cat Adoptions

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Please do not bring them to the shelter. The individual descriptions of the cats will indicate whether they are eligible for the barn cat program. This program is for cats in our shelter.

Humane Society of Huron Valley

Fur the Love of PAWS created The Barn Cat program to give these cats a second chance. Without barn adopters, they have nowhere else to go. These cats are. All of our feral cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, ear-tipped, and microchipped. We have three main categories of barn cats that are available for adoption. Participate in our Barn Cat Program and receive organic, non-toxic pest control Barn Cats are the “Clint Eastwoods” of cats hearty, healthy, tough and ready.
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Kiki - Age: 21
Price - 118$

We do this through human socialization in a non-caged environment. Some may never want human contact, while others may eventually seek attention.

Looking for a Barn Cat?

A person must be on site once a day to feed and water the cats. What is required from me? This program is for cats in our shelter. Why adopt a barn cat? Is there a fee? However, donations are always appreciated.
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Hope - Age: 27
Price - 105$

HSHV does not accept or take in feral cats. If you are interested in placing barn cats in to your barn please call UCHS at
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Some cats who end up at HSHV cannot adapt to indoor living. They may be feral (i.e., born and raised in the wild), or under-socialized and prefer little to no. Deming Veterinary Service - Veterinary Clinic in Jackson, TN. ​We feel very passionately about saving unadoptable cats and this program puts the cat to work and helps a rancher, farmer, business owner, etc., while saving.
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