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Do these come with silencers? Usually no, but if you have a turbo or supercharged car, then yes. I put in a vibrant ultra quiet resonator and that killed much of the drone but cat back vs axle back exhaust is still drony imo. If you have a catback exhaust you can add remove the catalytic converter and replace it with a test pipe or cat delete so your system becomes catless. What is a catback exhaust? For a non turbo, we would recommend a 2.
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Share This Page Tweet. If your car has a stock dual exhaust setup, most aftermarket exhausts will also be dual.

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Catback Exhaust vs Axleback Exhaust – What’s the difference?

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What is an axleback exhaust A catback exhaust starts from the catalytic converter back, but an axleback starts from the area of the rear axles back to your rear bumper. Halbot Sep 10,

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Ford decided to change up the Mustang's exhaust for the S Swapping out the stock pipes for a cat-back or an axle-back is a bit different from what you might. An exhaust system is located at the back of your car, but it's definitely at the forefront a heated debate. If you speak with ten different auto enthusiasts about their. Dec 8, OK, now that we've established which type of exhaust upgrade you should do, it's time to dig into the details on the cat back vs axle back.
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What's the difference between mandrel bent exhaust and press bent exhaust? Cyclist20 , Oct 11, Kenny January 13th, -

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The factory muffler is usually pretty restrictive since it needs to be quiet, so this is usually where most of the power is gained from on a catback vs axleback debate. If your car has the option for both, we would recommend for you to plan if you will be adding more power adders such as a short ram intake or cold air intake , then we would go for the catback exhaust. Even if it's only for sound Sent using smoke signals. Your name or email address: I am currently in the market for a new set of borla stingers, when i went to go purchase them i was advised that it would be better to purchase a catback system instead of just the mufflers. From what I can tell on the web sites, the UR has mufflers of some type and the Corksport does not.
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A resonator is designed to ease the exhaust flow, adding a little bit of restriction, but many times removing the rasp or "bumble bee" sound many exhausts experience. If you have any questions or anything to add, please do not hesitate to add your comments below. Thanks for all the replies.
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And what brand of cat back does not need any welding. TSP LT Headers, TSP High Flow Cats, Magnaflow 3 Inch Cat Back Exhaust, SNL V2. I want a deeper more aggressive sound to my exhaust. Does anyone Know if I can get the same sound quality out of an axle back as I can in a. Hey guys, So I just bought my Juke about a week ago and I've been doing some research into exhaust systems, but I'm having trouble deciding.
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