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His name is Frost. It can be tough picking out the perfect name for your cat, but if you have a white cat, then we have bunch of suggestions for you. But if you happen to co-habitate with a white names for a white cat or a white kitten, you have it names for a white cat good authority that white kitties are the cutest. White cats, moreover, are even more beautiful. If your kitty came from a rescue shelter, however, you may only know what he brings with him in terms of his coat color, eye color, traits and characteristics. And she has one of those huge fluffy tails, worn with pride haha. Anyways so I kept Stormy in her name and named her Stormy River, and as a side note I often times call her Kitten, because she will always be my kitten baby.
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What are good white cat names? | PetHelpful

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150 Adorable White Cat Names to Call Your Snowball of Cuteness

White cats are cool and need a good name! If you're adopting one, you want to choose the best name for her from our list [+ WHITE CAT. Your kitten's appearance is the perfect way to narrow down a large list of names. There are tons of beautiful names for cats with a fabulous white coat. Here are. Most of us put a lot of thought into naming our new cat or kitten. Search through our list of cat names by category to find the perfect name for your cat.
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Callie - Age: 30
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White Cat Names Inspired by Nature, Weather & the Seasons

Go to Pet Name Search. Why not choose a celebrity cat name or kitten name for your pet? Why Your Cat is Meowing Constantly. Made no sense at all. I found it to be true when the dropping falls on your clothesline, too.
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Personal preferences usually play a role when choosing cat names or kitten names. In case you discover the ideal name in this particular list of almost all white kitty names, or even in case you are in a position to think about the name of new cat right after looking at this list, and even in case you find out new name for your kitty in a very different approach, make sure you share your tale in the comment box below, therefore, we can all rejoice with you! Nevertheless, it occurs, we would like to learn about this!
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Looking for a name for your adorable new white cat? Then check out our awesome list of of the best names for white cats. There is simply something so unique regarding a genuine white cat! And out of almost all the white kitty names you might select from, this is just as usual that you . White cats are cool and need a good name! If you're adopting one, you want to choose the best name for her from our list [+ WHITE CAT.
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