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Login wigh Facebook Login with Email address. Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. If you want to bathe with or at least near the beasts, you can do so at a traditional Japanese inn near the park. Recommended hotels located nearby. Autumn Treats in Japan Chestnut, sweet potato and pumpkin are quintessential Japanese autumn flavors — tokyo cat cafes where to try some in Tokyo. Is this place or tokyo cat cafes suitable for all ages? Popular Posts From Tokyo Cheapo.
Peanut - Age: 23
Price - 111$

It is not a bright and well ventilated This place has a lot of cats!

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8 Best Cat Cafe in Tokyo to Hang Out | Hub Japan

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There are so many other types of animal cafes to check out while in Tokyo, such as rabbit cafes, hamster cafes, hedgehog cafes, dog cafes, owl cafes, etc!

Cool, Not Cruel: Alternatives to Mainstream Animal Cafes

Shinjuku is a bustling part of Tokyo with so many options when it comes to eating and drinking. It's also a hot spot for the trendy cat cafes. Cafes where you can. If you're a cat lover, you should definitely visit a cat cafe in Tokyo. You can enjoy delicious drinks while playing with heart-meltingly adorable cats. Here are 5. Animal cafes in Tokyo aren't always kind to cats, owls or other feathered and furred creatures. Find out where to go for cruelty-free.
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Blue - Age: 22
Price - 138$

A few people feed them and, for the most part, the kitties are left to do what they like with their nine lives. All you need to do is to pay for a time-based cover charge, buy yourself a drink, and observe a few simple rules on how to pet the cats. Cafes where you can enjoy some hot or cold drinks in the company of friendly and lazy cats.

2. Cat Cafe MoCHA [Shibuya]

Photo by Carey Finn. For us cat-lovers this is a must do. A trip to the tiny island will get you up close and purrsonal with a huge clowder of cats; the feral beasties hang around the port village waiting for treats and belly rubs. Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. The park makes a great alternative to animal cafes.
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Pickles - Age: 33
Price - 57$

Photo by Frances Ellen used under CC.
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i like going to the cat cafe in my city cos like they say "time spent with cats is never wasted" so i did my research before my trip to Tokyo and got really lucky in . The Calico Cat Café is located in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. You can spend the afternoon playing with a room full of felines. It seems odd to me, but for people in Tokyo a cat cafe is the perfect way to spend time with animals which they're not allowed in their apartments.
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