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Cruel and un-necessary business. What did the deer say when it got some bad news? The 9 best places to Airbnb in Tokyo — read more. Many folks miss their animal companions back home, and are unable to keep pets in their apartment in Cat cafe japan tokyo. Tell us in our community forum.
Baloo - Age: 25
Price - 154$

If you ask nicely, they might just let you in. These animal cafes are cruelty, the animals are heavily stressed out and should not be in that kind of environment.

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All the Cats! Edo-themed Cat Cafe Opens in Tokyo For the Summer | tsunagu Japan

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Why are we telling you all this?

7 Best Cat Cafes in Tokyo

Maybe not the best cafe but they have very good & cute cats. .. Tokyo, Japan. Reviewed October 23, poor cats. People give cats "cold snack". It seems odd to me, but for people in Tokyo a cat cafe is the perfect way to spend time with animals which they're not allowed in their apartments. This cat cafe is located 8 minutes away from Shinjuku station. There are more that 50 adorable cats waiting to meet you! You can have a relaxing time with your .
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Cuddles - Age: 33
Price - 104$

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The cats must not be fed with outside food. Monday to Sunday Cat cafes have taken off in Japan in the last few years. Let's make sushi with friendly teachers in Tokyo! Places mentioned in this article: The below tweet, dated July 31, shows the original messages shared by the source on messaging app LINE, which state: Carey Finn Carey's Tokyo favorites are:
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Oscar - Age: 19
Price - 59$

Photo by Carey Finn. Offer Get a free shochu!
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The one day in Japan that celebrates our feline friends. In honor of this occasion, we've put together a list of a dozen cat cafés around Tokyo. There are more than 50 cats in the two-level cafe. It is located in the heart of Shinjuku's vibrant Kabukicho. Ever since opening its first branch in Tokyo's Ikebukuro district in February , Cat Cafe Mocha has become a hugely successful business for.
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