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If your cat or dog was rehomed from the Blue Cross, then please contact the centre you rehomed your pet from and we will do our best to help you. Care advice Caring for older cats As with people, cats slow down as they age. To make your home as harmonious a place as possible, provide several feeding areas, places to drink, hide and sleep and always ensure that there is more than one area to go to the toilet privately. Choosing the right cat A kitten might be less of a threat to a resident cat than an adult, because it is still sexually immature - however introducing a playful youngster introduce kitten to older cat be stressful for an older introduce kitten to older cat who prefers the quiet life, so an adult might be a better choice. Why adopt from AHS? However, if either of the cats seems stressed or displays aggressive behavior hissing, growling, swattingtake a step back in the process.
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How To Introduce A Kitten To Your Older Cat - PetSecure

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Cats prefer to be able to watch from a distance and approach in their own time, so avoid handling or picking either cat up to bring them closer. As things progress in the right direction, you can open up the rest of the house.

Introducing cats

When Alyssa Fleck decided to adopt a stray kitten named Limoncello, she knew it wouldn't be easy for her 7-year-old cat, Portabella. Use these five steps to introduce your new kitten to your resident cat steps to introducing your new kitten in order to ensure that both cats live. Cats are strange creatures, there's no doubt about that – but that's why we love them. And as every cat owner knows, most cats prefer to rule the.
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Once cats feel this way about each other, it can be extremely difficult to change their minds.

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It is important to provide attention to the existing cat during this transitional period but not to exceed the amount normally accepted and enjoyed. Cats have very different social needs compared to dogs and people. Successfully introducing two cats, in many cases, is not going to happen overnight. If you are looking at adopting a new kitten,you need to make sure that you choose one which is more likely to get along with your kitty. Maintaining the peace Cats naturally find it difficult to share important resources such as food, sleeping areas and places to toilet, even if they are good friends. Plan ahead Your existing cat or cats will have established territory and the introduction of another, albeit a little kitten, is not necessarily going to be well received. Realize that either of these scenarios might happen.
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Age and temperament are the most important factors. Skip to main content.
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Thinking of adopting a second cat? Here are some tips that Selecting your second cat. Don't worry too Introducing your new cat to your resident cat. Cats are. Bringing a new cat or kitten into your home and allowing them to meet your resident cat can be quite a nerve-racking experience. It always. Cats don't like change. If you are introducing a kitten to an older cat, be sure to take proper steps to increase your odds of them getting along.
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