Siamese cat lamp

This Siamese Cat lamp had been previously attributed incorrectly, by myself and others, to Royal Copley, but it is siamese cat lamp fact an Enchanto product. Back view of the golden pheasant. I have searched and searched and am guessing she is pretty rare. An extremely interesting article. Here's a profile siamese cat lamp the Miramar cat TV lamp.
Whiskers - Age: 33
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Right now, if you want to make a profit selling a TV lamp on eBay, it better be something pretty out of the ordinary. Back view of the golden pheasant. It lacks the usual year and WH marking, probably because of the relatively small area available.

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The back is marked KRON. Not present on this example, 22k gold coloration on the decorative circles is a rare variation. Much less common than the white, a black poodle version was also produced.

Siamese Cat Lamps

There were numerous cat TV lamps produced, primarily Siamese cats, which were extremely popular in the s. Just about all of the major potteries produced. Sep 26, I've waited a long time to add this unique blue-eyed siamese cats lamp to my collection. It was designed by Leland Claes (), and. A TV lamp doesn't have a shade like a normal lamp, there's a bulb . Siamese cats were very popular in the 50s, that exotic theme again.
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Ella - Age: 31
Price - 134$

Very rare, this Early American TV lamp must have been made in extremely small numbers.

Siamese Cat Lamps

The overall size is approx 9" across and 13" tall. While Maddux of California didn't produce Siamese Cat TV lamps in the volume of the competition, their "single-cat" lamp is one of the most collectible. Back view of the white owl. By Maribeth Keane — August 12th, I just purchased an A. As though SNA's design wasn't unique already, this lamp has blue accents around the eyes that give it a particularly exotic look.
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Olive - Age: 24
Price - 108$

As far as volume, eBay is the place to go.
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Results 1 - 36 of 36 California Pottery USA Siamese Cat Lamp TV lamp w/ Glowing Eyes. New ListingRARE old Kron Siamese Cat & Kitten TV Lamp Mint Condition Glowing Eyes WORKS. MID CENTURY / VINTAGE KRON 'S SIAMESE CATS TV LAMP 13" TALL / GLOWING EYES. Sep 26, I've waited a long time to add this unique blue-eyed siamese cats lamp to my collection. It was designed by Leland Claes (), and. Texans biggest selling TV lamp by far was this K Siamese Cat and Kitten, a beautiful design that is still loved by collectors today. The cats are marked with.
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