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His eyes also turn red, possibly due to them swelling up with blood, when he gets angry. When it seems Finn is doomed, a glowing woman with wings and a white dress appears in front of Adventure time demon cat, claiming to be his Guardian Angel. The boy hides behind stalagmites while the Demon Cat attempts to locate him. With the three safely on the swan, the demons are chased back under the Crystal Eye, which is placed back over them. Fortunately for Finn, the Demon Cat's approximate knowledge is unable to pinpoint his exact location; although, with the limited number of hiding spaces within the adventure time demon cat, Finn seems doomed. Finn punches him in the face, enraging him and causing the yellow sclerae in his eyes to turn blood red.
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Both are unable to defeat them, and it seems they shall be killed. Jake is then revealed to be in the cage too. Princess Bubblegum then appears, destroying demons with her Swan's laser ability.

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The knight, however, pours water on himself to swell him and he chases Finn.

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I remember watching the episode with the demon cat, and thinking wow he would be really cool to draw. Read Demon Cat from "Adventure Time" (Humanized) from the story Random Drawings Book 2 by Geek_of_the_Week (Call Me Geeky) with 63 reads.
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This article is about the episode. He has a very sadistic personality. Inside, Finn happily traverses through rooms containing monsters, traps, and chests.

Dungeon (episode)

He has a pair of very short teal-colored ears, resembling those of a house cat. Finn bets that he can get through the dungeon alone and jumps in the well, leaving Jake to finish his lunch. Using his knowledge of "exactly where Finn might be," the Demon Cat begins searching for Finn. Finn and Jake are first seen being deposited on a mountain top by a swan driven by Princess Bubblegum. The episode ends with the three blasting a hole out of the dungeon and flying away on the swan.
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Demon Cat is a character that appears in the Adventure Time episode " Dungeon. He notices the key through a small tunnel, but discovers it is inside a green jelly cube. Princess Bubblegum is not happy with their answer, but accepts Finn's hasty answer that she is an intelligent princess.
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Alternate Versions · Connections · Soundtracks · Adventure Time (–) Monster / Jelly Monster (voice). Clancy Brown Demon Cat / Evil Guy (voice). Demon Cat is a character that appears in the Adventure Time episode "Dungeon. " The Demon Cat is a large, teal, cat-like creature, with razor sharp teeth and. Read Demon Cat from "Adventure Time" (Humanized) from the story Random Drawings Book 2 by Geek_of_the_Week (Call Me Geeky) with 63 reads.
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