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Anonymous Whether your belief system is of such or whether you just are not interested in such an idea however try and consider cat acting weird scared possibility that just as humans have the ability to open their sixth sense and psychic abilities we are not the only species with this exhilarating ability. She was shaking at one point. I have a page about cat cat acting weird scared which you may find of further interest here. Cat is scared of everything!!! I'm v worried about her. Concerned cat mom by: It turned out that although she did not have fleas, if a stray one got on her and bit her she would suffer an allergic reaction which would trigger this itching and running around behavior.
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The only thing that was different yesterday is that we bought a scented candle, but could that affect her like that? We have a rescue cat she's about a year old here in Dubai, we live in a villa and have a small garden.

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Cat Scared For No Reason

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We have a rescue cat she's about a year old here in Dubai, we live in a villa and have a small garden. Once again she does not go outside at all and is vaccinated against rabies. She is very familiar with every inch of this apartment.

Cat Scared For No Reason

Find out what to do if your cat's behavior changes and why it may be happening. But if a cat that has normally not been aggressive suddenly starts acting Cats that do not feel well or are scared are likely to hide and some. The last couple of days however, she has started acting very strange. She is extremely scared of I don't know what. She prefers to be alone and. why is my cat acting these ways? nothing has changed . This isn't her normal behavior, she in ginunenly scared and upset. Neither Kush or.
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Let me know if you like what you have read or if it has helped you with a problem. Right now I'm concerned that he might have a brain tumor or something. He began to run from room to room twitching his tail and back leg.

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Both cats have always been indoor so I wasn't surprised that I didn't find any fleas. I got him to eat a little bit but he's too jumpy to eat. Back to the top of this page. My other cat is miserable because he isn't interacting with her either. I am perplexed and want the kitty to not be so scared and jumpy.
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We are not alone by:
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Do you have a scared, stressed cat? For example, one cat may confront a strange dog by hissing, spitting, and puffing out his fur to make himself look big. My usually-bold cat is suddenly scared of everything (sudden . both of our cats started acting weird and squirrelly for a couple of days. Yesterday she looked at something, it seems, and just got scared. She pulled back We also have another cat who is not bothered or acting strange in the least.
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