My cat is losing his hair

A food allergy requires an overhaul to the cat's diet. His own routine grooming will not cause hair to come out in clumps, no matter how often he washes. Giving your cat a my cat is losing his hair once-over should turn up the source of the problem, and your my cat is losing his hair can suggest medications to get rid of the parasite. But small reddish spots usually suggest allergies, and these can spread and become irritated or infected as the cat scratches or chews at them. Your veterinarian may recommend diagnostic tests, including skin scrapes, fungal cultures, blood panels, allergy testingdiet trials or skin biopsies to determine the right diagnosis and treatment for your cat. When your cat is no longer licking and scratching the area, the hair should grow back with time.
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Cat Hormones In your cat, bald patches and hair loss can also be caused by a hormonal imbalance. Hair loss can be self-inflicted as a result of stress.

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Why do cats lose their hair? | Animal Planet

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If they discover fleas, which are a common cause of itching and subsequent hair loss, they may recommend a flea treatment which you should keep up to date, anyway. Once the cause for the alopecia in cats has been found, you should hopefully have a happy and healthy pet again!

Why do cats lose their hair?

A cat with hair loss can be more than just unsightly. Learn how to protect your cat's coat with home remedies for cats with hair loss. Hair loss in cats, or alopecia in cats, may have a few different causes. a pack of fleas, and the pests took up residence in the fur of my resident cat, The good news for cat parents is that this hair loss in cats usually doesn't. There are a number of reasons why your cat could be losing their fur and it's always important to get your vet to take a closer look to solve the problem of hair .
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Your vet may recommend a shift from dye- and additive-laden dry food to a canned variety with fewer, simpler ingredients, or from a fish-based menu to poultry. Once you understand what is causing your cat to lose their fur, you can start to seek the right treatment to get them feeling, and looking, like themselves again.


Have you switched cat foods, swapping the name brand for a less expensive label? However, if your cat's hair is visibly thinning, there are bald patches, or you notice areas that are inflamed and red, there's a problem. Hair loss can be self-inflicted as a result of stress. Want to give your pup yummy, low-calorie treats? Your veterinarian may recommend a trial with a hypoallergenic food, as well as additional allergy tests to get to the bottom of the problem. Fleas and Ticks on Your Cat.
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Your cat may scratch and groom excessively with an infestation of fleas or mites as well as a fungus like ringworm, causing hair loss. When there is a surplus or deficiency of these hormones, hair loss can occur. There are lots of different things that can cause hair loss in your cat, including parasites, diet, psychological factors, infection, allergies or something more serious.
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Learn more about the factors that can lead to a cat losing hair, such as fleas, a food allergy, infection, overgrooming or perhaps another serious. The loss of hair might be very clear, or just a thinning of the fur. It could Why does my cat have bald patches? cat with bald patches on its fur. If you find yourself stroking your cat and see sparse sections of fur, or patches hair loss, then there could very well be an underlying health.
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