Pet sitters for cats

Your dog, cat, or other pets remain in familiar surroundings — yours! You can choose from a daily 30, 45, pet sitters for cats, or a twice …. We offer a vast variety of cat visits. Here are just a few! Likelihood of exposure to illness is greatly reduced — less likelihood of fleas too!
Millie - Age: 34
Price - 145$

Older pets and cats are often traumatized by a change in their environment.

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West Seattle pet sitter, cat sitter, dog walker, Burien cat sitting

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Pierce adds that if a cat requires more than 30 minutes of care or entertainment, her company charges an additional fee.

Professional Cat Sitter

in front of the fire - cat sitting provides you with some wonderful company during a house sit and is one of the most popular pets to care for while house sitting. As Gail Burgess prepared for her upcoming vacation, she did what many doting pet owners would do — she wrote out instructions for her cat. Book a 5-star cat sitter to feed and play with your cat while you're away or at work. A pet parent books a service on Rover every minute of every day. Cat.
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Little Man - Age: 25
Price - 161$

An in-home pet sitter eliminates this stress.

Seattle cat sitting and dog sitting

Welcome to Walking the Paws! Your dog, cat, or other pets remain in familiar surroundings — yours! We offer a vast variety of cat visits. Expect your pet sitter to use a contract that details their services, fees and responsibilities -- some sitters will even water houseplants or bring in the mail. Your pet enjoys a continuation of its established eating, watering, exercising and medicinal routine according to your specified instructions.
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Ariel - Age: 21
Price - 53$

An in-home pet sitter eliminates this stress. We provide daily Bird Sitting to our loyal clients throughout the neighbourhoods of Toronto.
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Walking the Paws, Seattle pet sitter and dog walker: dog and cat sitting and dog walking in West Seattle, Burien, South Park, Georgetown, Beacon Hill. Chicago Pet Sitters offers daily visits for your furry loved one. Services include dog walking, pet sitting and overnight care. When you're away, whether for business or pleasure, our experienced pet sitters can fill in for you, providing your dog with the regular care and contact they.
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