Ash content in cat food

Flesh foods maintain an acidic pH in the urinary tract, keeping the minerals dissolved in the urine so they can be excreted out. Information on Tabby Cats. In order to work out how much protein, fat, fibre, carbohydrate and minerals are in any pet food scientists will test the diets using a standard piece ash content in cat food equipment called a bomb calorimeter. Renin—angiotensin—aldosterone system related gene polymorphisms and urinary total arsenic is related to chronic kidney disease. Consideration of these recommendations in light of our ash content in cat food where 11 of 13 recommendations were referenced, we found that the majority were broadly compliant i. We acknowledge that the current study has not assessed bioavailability of ingested selenium, which can be variable between companion animals, but rather has simply assessed concentration in the foods — for which the EU guidelines are applicable. Electronic supplementary material Supplementary Information K, pdf.
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Zentek J, Meyer H. Again, if we use Struvite stones as the example the recommendation is to feed a diet with a reduced magnesium, phosphorus which in order to achieve means the diet is low in protein content and has urine acidifiers added to keep the pH of the urine normal.

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Mineral analysis of complete dog and cat foods in the UK and compliance with European guidelines

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A way to calculate ash levels is by burning the cat or dog food, which destroys the organic material proteins, fats and carbohydrates , and leaves behind the inorganic, non-combustible minerals known as ash.


In general, dry pet food is always going to contain ash content (aim for something under 8%) while wet food will occasionally have it too. If the cat or dog food in your pet's diet mentions a certain ash level in the contents , you may be curious as to what this denotes. Ash level in pet. Q--How important is ash content in the diet of male cats? --Orlando.
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So, a practical solution is to feed both market sold foods and homemade versions in an appropriate ratio. How can you determine the best brand for your pet?


Blood in the urine, crying in the litter box and urinating outside the box are tip-offs. It is understandable that even the best dry cat food contains a higher amount of ash than wet ones. Vitamin D can profoundly influence mineral uptake from the gut In general, it is of utmost importance to check the label of commercial products. Data are presented as median IQR; 1 st to 3 rd quartile for each element. It is possible that a non-compliant diet with, for example, high copper or selenium does not cause copper or selenium toxicosis due to mineral or food interactions in the gastrointestinal tract that prevent absorption. Precisely speaking, the risk factors of urinary tract blockages and disorders are increased with consumption of high amounts of ash.
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Raw meat diets are best at preventing FLUTD, followed by canned foods, which contain more meat and fewer grains than dry food. Davis , 1 C. Cranberry and Vitamin C support urinary health.
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Feed a cat food low in ash and magnesium. “Ash” refers to the total mineral content of a food. It gets its name from the laboratory procedure. Feeding low ash cat food is prescribed to minimize the incidences of urinary tract problems in felines. Carefully select cat food with low ash content and high. If the cat or dog food in your pet's diet mentions a certain ash level in the contents , you may be curious as to what this denotes. Ash level in pet.
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