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One of those cats was also a Cat About to Cat taking selfies. Manny is a sweet gray cat with bright-green eyes. I would admit to being in the pocket of Big Cat, but cats do not have pockets. Order by newest oldest recommendations. They're also fascinated by potatoes.
Rascal - Age: 20
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Or Instagram accounts, for that matter.

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This Instagram artist takes better selfies than you | Dazed

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He thinks the only cats who take them are attention-seeking bum onions or narcissistic spunkferrets. Loading comments… Trouble loading?

This cat takes better selfies than you

Hello world, meet Manny, a rescued gray tabby from northern Arizona blowing up on Instagram thanks to his super strong selfie game. They have finally developed opposable thumbs and learned the most important human skill!. A rescued gray Tabby cat from northern Arizona takes pretty impressive selfies. And he's become an Internet sensation, of course!.
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Sadie - Age: 24
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And, like Snapchat, also carries the implied possibility that the subject of the photo is a little naked.

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It's true what they say, Tiggers ARE made out of rubber and springs. I hit this link so fast Those aren't real cats. People love The Bear because of his amazing, soulful eyes and endlessly expressive, almost human face: That goat has appeared in three national television commercials and twelve YouTube videos alone. Don't Throw Anything Away.
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These reminded me of the " selfie " my daughter "took" when she was a baby. We at LittleThings care about accuracy.
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The furry frames have been compiled by cat owner Charlie Ellis, from It seems these pouting pets have been taking tips out of selfie Queen. Manny the selfie-taking cat loves playing with his owner's GoPro Image He or she, told Love Meow, the cat aficionado website, that Manny “is. Manny the cat loves to take selfies, or at least fondle GoPro cameras. According to Instagram user @yoremahm, Manny learned to use the camera by chance.
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