How to speak to your cat

Cats are easily distracted, so you should create a quiet and calm environment. All cats should be spayed or neutered as soon as they are old enough to avoid behavior problems and unwanted kittens. A Anonymous May 24, Some cats enjoy tummy strokes, though most are wary of how to speak to your cat their vulnerable underside. If you use this voice sparingly but seriously, your cat will learn to associate the voice with the idea that she is displeasing you. As an 'emergency' measure, you could purchase a can of compressed air that it triggered by movement. The cat will pick up on that and sense unhappiness.
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How to Teach Your Cat to Talk: 8 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

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How to Talk to Your Cat

Developing an understanding of how your cat is communicating with you and .. moving forward, speak quietly, pet them gently, and treat the cat with respect. How to Teach Your Cat to Talk. Unlike dogs, cats have not historically been trained to perform tasks for people. They do not understand punishment, but do. If you purr and meow at your cat you are not alone. in human-talk, as if their dogs are actually furry people while their cats are, well, just cats.
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Body Language

One of the biggest complaints about cats is their moodiness, especially when it comes to affection. A Anonymous Jun 6, Be consistent in your intent and expression. They do not understand punishment, but do respond to positive reinforcement. Place your cat on the table in front of you and pet it to put it at ease. What does it mean when a cat rubs against your leg or presses its head on yours?
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NC Nicole Carter Jul 15, Most cats will try two to three times to invade a person's space, often from different directions.
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People who aren't big fans of cats sometimes try to make us feel silly about talking to our furry friends, claiming that our cats “can't understand” what we're saying. Developing an understanding of how your cat is communicating with you and .. moving forward, speak quietly, pet them gently, and treat the cat with respect. Cats have a unique system of body language, communicating verbally & nonverbally through tail and ear movement. Here's how to read your.
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