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Buy a drink from the hostess. The cat lady endings on 1 choice in the playthrough each, as far as I can tell, possible you may have to visit them all the time, they can have a negative or positive response. When you head to the basement, talk to Mori about earthquakes, this will unlock the fire alarm next to your office. Eventually he will give you a question, tell him that he shouldn't give up, and then visit him before the end of the game as well. The cat lady endings I have to live There is also at least one choice you have to do correctly for the ending to occur. Views Read Edit View history.
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The campaign was successful, and the game is now available for download from Steam. The issue at hand is some of the 20 cats you need to pick up are very hard to see. After breaking a mug, Mitzi attempts to apologise before Susan angrily walks out, only to be murdered by a man pretending to offer flowers.

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This will allow you to pick the lock in the basement. Instead, you can play his game. It features an autosave feature that makes all your choices permanent.

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Read the Adventure Games community discussion on The Cat Lady ending. The best ending happens when you "defeat" Queen of Maggots, who's the ultimate parasite feeding on people's depression Gray Zombie Cat. The Cat Lady is a side-scrolling horror Adventure Game developed and released in Bittersweet Ending: What you get depending on the choices you make.
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Not on my watch:


You can use the outline I put in the previous first section, and as long as you don't take pills or food, you should have before you get to Aokigahara, at the very least, close enough to reach that and below, before you leave Aokigahara. Keep that in mind. On the girl's errand, threaten Goto. Home News Guides Cosplay Games. First you would have to talk to her, and then attempt to arrest her. Susan Ashworth, known in her neighborhood as the crazy Cat Lady, is a lonely year-old who successfully commits suicide.
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One won't hurt Backtracker Match maker See no evil This is not a drill! Tell her the opposite, and visit her before the end as well Daizo, the izakaya owner A Change of Pace: Whilst summoning the cats, she receives an angry complaint from a neighbour, who threatens to call pest control.
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The Cat Lady has multiple endings with different achievements which can be unlocked based on the player's decisions throughout the game. The endings determine the fate of Susan Ashworth, Mitzi Hunt, and the Eye of Adam. In Chapter 7, give the gas mask to Mitzi, then allow her to. THE CAT LADY walkthrough. reflect the outcome of choices made in the last chapter. NB Choices made earlier in the game do not seem to affect the endings. The Cat Lady is a side-scrolling horror Adventure Game developed and released in Bittersweet Ending: What you get depending on the choices you make.
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