You are a kitten in a catnip forest

I noticed you are a kitten in a catnip forest same performance hit. However the kitten game seems to be a bit more complex than a lot of the ones kongregate is hosting. Your cat is eaten by a grue? Winter Is Coming You Monster. All my kittens are dead. Bartweiss on July 10, My impression was that it was graphically clunky and poorly written, but I can't prove that nothing sinister was going on.
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A path leads into the forest to the east. Somewhat broken in Chrome on Android. So there goes my weekend

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You are a kitten in a catnip forest | Hacker News

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Would it be possible to get a copy of this?

‘You are a kitten in a catnip forest’: Your new favorite game lives in one sparse tab

deviantart profile: link twitter: link (ENG/RUS). kittens game: link (ENG). Kittens Game. Kittens Game is a text-based incremental/idle village simulation browser game. You manage a village of kittens as they acquire resources and unlock new technologies. The scene is set with a single sentence – “You are a kitten in a catnip forest.” – but things get rapidly more complex as you acquire resources.
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Ninja - Age: 25
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Just play it for like 10 minutes, try and get as much catnip as possible, and things will be added to the interface. They cost more to run in electricity than they generate, sure. I really think of A Dark Room and Candy Box as some of the best and more recent ones don't seem to really put much effort into it, though they can still be pretty engaging.

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The search term for them is "idle games" and I'd have sent you the way of the subreddit for them which has a comprehensive list, but they all seem to be set to private. Simple means of accessing the currently available resources: Bartweiss on July 10, I noticed the same performance hit. I just learned a lesson on how important graphics are for some people. I think the way people play these are to leave it running in a tab and check back now and then over the course of a day, and then never look at it again. Well, you could look the source.
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I remember playing it and thinking that it was consuming an awful lot of resources after a while It's an incremental game like cookie clicker or candy box.
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The scene is set with a single sentence – “You are a kitten in a catnip forest.” – but things get rapidly more complex as you acquire resources. deviantart profile: link twitter: link (ENG/RUS). kittens game: link (ENG). Spring >>>. Log | Chat. You are a kitten in a catnip forest. Clear log [+] Log Filters pawse undo. XOXOXO! Elder Gods have send you a gift box!.
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