Can chickens eat cat food

You may find, if you feed oats to your chickens, that they seem to become calmer and less jumpy. Fish can also be useful in hot weather - I freeze some large chunks and give them to the hens as a very occasional summer treat. Wherever possible use the fresh seedsnot the packaged ones which are generally high in salt. They're not able to forage in the same way they do at other times can chickens eat cat food year so the usual can chickens eat cat food protein bugs, worms and frogs don't form part of their diet. As well as protein they have calcium, iron and soluble fibre. These foods should be given only when there is a specific need and in great moderation at other times.
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Nothing wrong with it as long as it isn't a scary cheap brand and you don't go overboard. Good morning, I was reading on a post yesterday about some people giving their chickens cat food. Chickens won't eat a lot of them but as part of a good, balanced diet they're indispensable.

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Is it okay for chickens to eat cat food? : BackYardChickens

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If we locked em in for a week they'd be forced to like it but we just went and purchased layer crumbles instead.

CAT food for your chickens - YES or NO & why?

Cat Food: Yes. Cat food dry or wet should be fed as a rare treat. It can be fed to poorly birds in very small amounts and not every day. Feeding chickens table scraps can get a bit tricky, so tricky in fact that in Meat that has been cooked (e.g. cat food) are all ok in moderation. We give ours dry cat food soaked in water to soften while the hens are mice, offal, horse poop, and whatever else they can catch/scavenge.
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It's known that obesity is one of the major factors in ' Sudden Chicken Death Syndrome '.

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Added into a nice mushy ' chicken porridge ' or a pumpkin cake they are a crunchy treat your flock will love. I don't see why not as it would be a good source of protein, but if it's cheap cat food look out for unnecessary sugar or hfcs that they don't really need. There's an old English superstition that transplanting a parsley plant beings bad luck, so be sure to plant yours where you want it to stay! This is related to concerns about the product being imported from countries where quality control is not high. Jul 19, Post 7 of Is it okay for chickens to eat cat food? I feed them raw and either mash them or just slit them open.
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Here in Italy we often have six feet of snow on the ground for several weeks and the flock has to be confined to the coop to stop them sinking into snowdrifts. This includes meats, vegetables and any kitchen scraps and it applies to all backyard chickens, however large or small the flock and whether or not you sell their eggs or meat to others. It's at those two specific times that chickens can do with a bit of help - and that's where a few high protein foods come into their own.
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Kristen, we don't recommend feeding your chickens cat food, or cattle feed. It is not nutritionally balanced for them, and can lead to deficiencies. Enlighten me on the pros and cons of the cat food. My chickens do not like big pellets so I'm thinking of maybe grinding some dry cat food up basis, I have tempted a sick chicken to eat with a spoonful of canned cat food. Feeding chickens table scraps can get a bit tricky, so tricky in fact that in Meat that has been cooked (e.g. cat food) are all ok in moderation.
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