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Small children need to understand this if they are going to be good friends with the Van. The Van is a large cat, with females weighing seven to 12 pounds, males 10 to 20 pounds. They are as follows: In the first show season that the breed was recognized for Championship statusfour cats attained the grand title. Barbara retired from breeding and showing a few years ago, and Jack is deceased. Featured Video Get to Know cat breeds turkish van British Shorthair If the video doesn't start playing momentarily, please install the latest version cat breeds turkish van Flash. Yes Overall Grooming Needs:
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These cats were originally brought to Europe from the Middle East by returning crusaders. Turkish Vans are generally healthy, but it is always wise to purchase a kitten from a breeder who offers a written health guarantee.

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Turkish Van Article

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The color is confined to the extremities; head, tail, and some leg spots. Ragdoll Cat Breed Facts and Personality Traits Hill's Pet Get information about the Ragdoll cat including facts, history, personality traits, and what it's like to live with this breed of cat.

Turkish Van Cat

The Turkish Van cat is a large, highly energetic animal. Interestingly, she demonstrates her athletic prowess both on land and in the water. Learn everything about Turkish Van Cats. Find all Turkish Van Cat Breed Information, pictures of Turkish Van Cats, training, photos and care tips. The cat known in the United States as the Turkish Van is a rare and ancient breed that developed in central and southwest Asia, which today encompasses the.
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Van Iskenderun Guzelli female , a cat that came from Hatay Province , Iskenderun , and Stambul Byzantium male , a cat given by a hotel manager in Istanbul , both in Choosing the right kitten food.


In Turkey, they are considered national treasures. Regular baths are not necessary. The ideal van pattern in the Turkish Van has Grade of white spotting with a full colored tail. The Turkish Van cat has become famous for its love of water, but will it swim? They were not known in Britain at that time and, because they make such intelligent and charming pets, I decided to try to establish the breed, and to have it recognised officially in Britain by the GCCF.
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All cats have the potential to develop genetic health problems, just as all people have the potential to inherit a particular disease. Breeder Teri Cutrera and owner Ann R. Meet at least one and ideally both of the parents to ensure that they have nice temperaments.
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The Turkish Van is an active, energetic cat with remarkable swimming abilities. Learn all about Turkish Van breeders, adoption, health, grooming, and more. Breed standards allow for one or more body spots as long as there is no more than 20% colour and the cat does not give the. Learn everything about Turkish Van Cats. Find all Turkish Van Cat Breed Information, pictures of Turkish Van Cats, training, photos and care tips.
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