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Keep her food in the basement but move the bowl away from the shelving. Share Share it Tweet Pin it Share it. Having infected, bad teeth cat eating less gums, apart from being uncomfortable, can be a risk too — they are a source of infection that can damage other organs of the body. Also, Feliway or Nature's Miracle for anything that may smell like dog even if you don't smell the dog, the kitty can. Generally speaking, any disease that cat eating less a cat feel unwell can cause an appetite decrease. As your cat ages, it's kind to provide an indoor litter tray, even if your cat normally toilets outdoors.
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I would also try and change the cat food brand to see if that makes any difference. Though I would take a look at her teeth and make sure they look OK.

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Why your cat isn't eating much in the hot weather | Metro News

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Yeah, its expensive, but if you're going to take on responsibility for the healthcare of this animal, you need to be overprotective. That being said, I'd save up the ducats for a vet visit within a reasonable amount of time, and keep an eye on things.

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He had always been a cheery, extroverted cat with a good appetite. Suddenly, he was eating less, losing weight, and a lot less interested in. known as "fatty liver disease," it strikes cats when they stop eating for several days or more. Sometimes there's an underlying condition, such as. Usually they are not feeling well if they are eating a lot less. A cat can actually go into liver failure pretty quickly by not eating. Check the cats gums to see if they.
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Cats do suffer from brain deterioration like people with dementia and this has a similar effect on their behaviour.

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Also, the party probably did freak your cat out and they can be fussy for weeks after a stressful event. Throughout its life, it is a good idea to weigh your cat every one to two months. One possible cause could be hyperthyroidism, which often responds very well to treatment. Her food bowl is in the basement next to the pine shelves she likes to scratch we built them ourselves, they're pretty junky and they're pretty much her scratching post - I think she likes to mark her territory by her food. No one has been feeding her on the sly. General advice How to play with your cat Kittens and cats need to play so it is important that you provide an appropriate outlet for play either by Oh, and there was never any question of "not taking her to the vet" - she goes to the best vet in town and since I'm a total hypochondriac she would probably be there once a month if no one talked me down - and if anything serious or dramatic ever happens we will be taking a cab to the emergency vet stat.
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Even if your cat has kidney disease, in some cases there are still things that can be done to slow down the progress of the disease and make your pet more comfortable. My year-old cat seems to have perpetual diarrhoea.
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known as "fatty liver disease," it strikes cats when they stop eating for several days or more. Sometimes there's an underlying condition, such as. Honda is a year-old cat whose world is made up of multiple rooms full of large objects that his caretakers pay much more attention to than. Cat appetite question. February 2, PM Subscribe. My lovely cat is eating less. Why? Do we need to go to the vet? For the past two weeks, my lovely .
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