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Also goddess of the hunt, and we all jungle cat names what fearsome hunters cats are! Who's your favorite Disney Cat? There are some paler shades as well. Blacky — One of the most popular name for black cats, an excellent name for your pet right away. Zorro Another name that evokes toughness as well as shining jungle cat names blades. Foggy Evoking silver-gray foggy mornings.
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He wasn't a Maine Coon, either-- just a big shorthair. Arthur This one means as strong as a rock, follower of Thor and noble. Auxana — This weird name could be used by your cat as well.

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The Best Bengal Cat Names - 55+ Great Bengal Name Ideas

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You can find more Grey Cat Name ideas here. And you will love it.

50 Disney Cat Names

Aug 28, Mowgli- bOriginally from the jungle. This name is perfectly accurate. Leo- Gangstar cat name. Modern and loved by younger generations. Aug 30, We asked around to find the most popular Bengal cat names among cat owners these days. The black panther in “The Jungle Book”;. Jan 9, Looking for a whimsical Disney cat name for your kitten? Here is a list of all 50 of the The Jungle Book. Shere Khan. The Jungle Book. Simba.
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Grey Tea lovers will enjoy this one. Lion — To call attention to the arena-yellow color of the cat. Try these adorable Disney-inspired names:.

Male Bengal Cat Names

Now looking for the perfect name for our new grey kitten. Bingo — This funny name has a Spanish origin that you will love. Your cat is high in your esteem too. Whether you are looking for Bengal kitten names that reflect their unique wild cat look, personality or that are just plain cute. Su Ling is a super name for a Siamese female cat. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Whether you are looking for Bengal cat names exotic kitties would suit, or simply something super cute.
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Ash This can be short for either Ashton for a male kitten or Ashley for a female , but either way, it evokes gray ashes. Not cute enough for your little sweetiepie? The book featured a particular captain known as Nemo, and hence the name.
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The unique cat names collection is a very big cat names list full of exotic names for cats and is also perfect for choosing wild cat names for frisky felines. Aug 28, Mowgli- bOriginally from the jungle. This name is perfectly accurate. Leo- Gangstar cat name. Modern and loved by younger generations. Apr 17, Then you might want to choose one of these wild cat names we have Leopard- You could name your cat after the ferocious jungle animal.
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