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After all, your fluff ball is definitely worth it. They definitely saved him though. Not to mention, possible mercury levels in tuna can also be dangerous. Tuna water, you should definitely keep in mind as a tip because what if you have to switch your cat to a prescription canned food and your cat won't eat it. I give the cats tuna water form the wayer when i use tuna cats tuna water aboutonce or twice a month havent hurt them yet. But as wise cat owners know, many human foods can be unsafe for your cat because we have vastly different nutritional needs from them.
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Does Tuna in Water Give Cats Diarrhea? - Pets

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Jul 24,

5 Human Foods Cats Can Eat

WebMD's slideshow explains the most dangerous and toxic foods to your cat. For years, when I was making tuna fish from the can, I would squeeze out the tuna water and let my cat lap it up. I was doing it with Sophie. How much canned tuna can a cat eat per day? We're using Lidl (UK) branded tuna in spring water, Here's some pictures of ingredients and.
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Jul 23, 4.


After all, your fluff ball is definitely worth it. Jul 24, Thanks for all the responses!!!!! For example, if your pet has a food allergy or dietary tolerance to canned tuna, diarrhea is definitely an unpleasant -- and messy -- possibility. The worst thing about it to my knowledge is that it's high in sodium. A sudden tuna treat may trigger diarrhea in your kitty.
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Dilute it due to high salt content.
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WebMD's slideshow explains the most dangerous and toxic foods to your cat. Owners should be asked about changes in water consumption and urinary Many cats enjoy drinking the water squeezed from cans of tuna. (Baby food is not a balanced diet for a cat and should not exceed 10% of the total daily food intake). Add a drop or two of tuna water, sardine water, or clam juice.
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