palo duro cat its dramatic geological features, including the multicolored layers of rock and steep mesa walls similar to those in the Grand Canyon. Water erosion over the millennia has shaped the canyon's geological formations. Notable canyon formations include caves palo duro cat hoodoos." />

Palo duro cat

Palo duro cat calcite concretions and calcite geodes are numerous, and the shale forms the less steep canyon walls covered by talus slopes. Phytosaur and Koskinonodon remains, plus leaf imprints and mineralized wood have been found within the formation. Water palo duro cat over the millennia has shaped the canyon's geological formations. Erosion resistant sandstones protect pedestals of underlying shale, giving rise to hoodoos, including the Lighthouse, and the hoodoo at the south end of Capitol Peak. Brownie Wilson, Robert R.
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Part of the Dockum Group with the Trujillo Formation, this multicolored Triassic unit consists of shale , siltstone , and sandstone. These rocks are fossiliferous, containing the remains of phytosaurs , amphibians , and fish , [8] including Metoposaurus , Desmatosuchus , Koskinonodon , and lungfish , besides coprolites and the petrified wood remains of Araucarioxylon.

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Palo Duro Canyon - Wikipedia

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I also wanted in some way to pay homage to native Americans, to whom this canyon was a sacred place. Lavender, gray and white shales lie below this sandstone, while an orange shale lies between this sandstone and the Trujillo Formation above. Views Read Edit View history.

Palo Duro Canyon

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The red color indicates periods of oxidation. Georgia O'Keeffe in Amarillo". Brownie Wilson, Robert R.

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The first European explorers to discover the canyon were members of the Coronado expedition , who visited the canyon in Notable canyon formations include caves and hoodoos. Fossils of saber-toothed cats Smilodon , bone-crushing dogs Borophagus , mastodons , horses , long-necked camels Aepycamelus , rhinoceroses , and large tortoises up to 3 feet in length, are present in the Ogallala. This layer was deposited in a near-shore shallow-marine environment consisting of siltstones and shales with ripple marks and cross bedding , that alternated with dry tidal flats indicated by satin spar gypsum and halite cast evaporite deposits. By the spring of , day-use campsites and a group pavilion will be added.
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Retrieved 29 September In particular, this alternating red and white formation forms the steep and gullied lower portion of the multi-colored Spanish skirts, located on the north flank of Timber Mesa, with the maroon and lavender smooth slopes of the Tecovas shales above. Erosion resistant sandstones protect pedestals of underlying shale, giving rise to hoodoos, including the Lighthouse, and the hoodoo at the south end of Capitol Peak.
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