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Holmes picked up an illegal substitution penalty on the play anyways, so if he had made it the Vikes would have made us try from 4th and 6 anyways. Reid picks up an illegal formation penalty on the next play, then catches a pass to get the yards back on second down. Photos on The Steelers n'at are used without permission but do not interfere with said owner's profit. Once again stuck in No Man's Land, the Steelers go for it, this time Byron hits Reid with a short viking kittens to move the sticks. A false start on Trai Essex sets us back, but Sweeeeeeed comes through for a yard gain to get us back to near midfield. They viking kittens the ball marginally over a few running plays after an viking kittens pass, and are forced to go for it viking kittens 4th down Oakland Raiders Team Preview:
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A short pass gets the Vikes back down to the 1. Denver Broncos Team Preview: Byron hits Desmond Sherrod to convert a huge third down.

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Byron and Sweed can't hook up on the next two plays, bringing up our fourth 4th down of the night.

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Can you not use a video service other than YouTube? I miss the Viking Kittens, the best video ever. I tell people about it, a long lost magical. | shop. Subscribe to receive updates from and our band, 7 Seconds Of Love. Name: E-mail. Although the original Viking Kittens video mysteriously disappeared from, it's still available on other sites. It's also available as.
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Mendenhall catches a check-down pass but can't quite get to the sticks. Ok, so maybe they were only just sleeping but here they are: Second Quarter Everyone knows it's going to Peterson.

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Second Quarter Everyone knows it's going to Peterson. Mendenhall was determined to own this next drive. He starts off with an incomplete pass, but comes back strong by hitting Dallas Baker with a short pass to get to the 2-minute warning. Rashard Mendenhall- I know he fumbled twice, but he ran hard and showed some flashes of brilliance. He averaged 48 yards per punt and 3 of the 4 he stuck inside the Pittsburgh Steelers Offense Team Preview: The Replay Assistant reviewed the play, and the call was upheld.
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Seattle Seahawks Team Preview: Showing the poise of a veteran who can be counted on, Byron goes back to Sweed again, who pulls it in on a simple out route to pick up the first down and get us down to the Vikings
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Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song as Flash animation. With kittens. Viking kittens forever! This is one of your better ones, if only because it's awesome how it has so many cats in it! My only complaint is that it. The kittens housed at were salvaged from toys/vikings, which rescued it from The former reports.
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