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These guys are fun to listen to and full of great cat and cloud info. They always have fun and interesting guests. They also make understanding the complex journey that a lonely coffee bean takes from the time its picked, touching many hands and processes, all the way to when you sip it out of your favorite cup. This is definitely pretty informative in an informal, conversational manner. Get a verified badge Claimed. Awesome by Tweettweet on Apr 05, Cat and cloud The only coffee subscription you need:
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Radddddddd by JH on Mar 02, Rating: Yes by santainhisprime on Jul 11, Rating: Roasting and coffee service requires a philosophy that you commit to.

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They spent time and energy building a Kickstarter campaign and endured all the pressure that comes from delivering on that crowd funding model. The work and sacrifice behind the scenes The specialty coffee market is far from saturated The work and sacrifice behind the scenes The Cat and Cloud boys were summarizing their year and they went through a lot.

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Welcome to the Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast, where you can get a weekly dose. Cat & Cloud East Side Portola Drive Santa Cruz, Ca. Open. Our flagship blend does double duty for both brewed coffee and espresso.
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So much knowledge served up! These guys are amazing! After logging in, you agree to accept Terms of Services and Privacy Policies. Chris and Jared are hilarious and wildly entertaining to say the least. Keep it Rollin' Trubaca!!! These podcasts are easy to listen to, and at the same time, bursting with valuable information for the coffee nerd and barista alike.
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We caught wind of some of that in the show, but not the whole deal. So much knowledge served up!
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Get directions, reviews and information for Cat & Cloud Coffee LLC in Santa Cruz , CA. Cat & Cloud believes coffee can be the catalyst for positive experiences. We want to find passionate people, teach them to give thoughtful. Walking into the cozy, light-filled space of coastal Capitola's Cat & Cloud, you will find yourself suffused with what can be a rare emotion in.
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