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My ginger was called Sid, after punk rocker Sid Vicious a comment on his playfulness. However, in the United Kingdom and several other countries, the color is expressed as ginger. I used to have six cats at one point: We have a tuxedo male named Oreo…. That's why Famous male cat names is a great name for these masked fur balls. He has Really lived up to his name.
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What better name than Napoleon for a future furry dictator with plans to take over your home? I have a black female who jad strands of white throughout when you look closely, so I named her Storm. Grey cats come in all different shades.

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That is adorable we have four cats: I have 17 cats!

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In case you want to know what other pet owners are choosing for their male cat names, here are the top 20 most popular male cat names, based on Nationwide's . There are tons of great boy cat names to choose from, but we've rounded up the very best to jumpstart your search. Here are the top 50 male kitten names. Angus: A Scottish name for strong cats who love their independence. Max: One of the most popular names for male cats in the United States, Max is a strong.
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Lost my 4month old GiGi this week. It was actually funny to watch.

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My ginger cat name is Bruni From Brownie lol because his fur is a bit darker than the usual ginger cat sorry for my bad English ;. Going through baby names online is a great way to get inspired, if human boy cat names are your top choice. Also had Tanna, several Bens, George and others. I also have a tabby kitty named Jewelz. My adopted 8year old senior citizen ginger cat was already named…. Just got a Ragdoll Cat and it has the colours of the Siamese and Himalayan and very relaxed.
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My original was like a British Blue called him Blue — unoriginal I know but suited him so well and in between also had litter mates Emily and Sam, and Harvey looked angelic but was soooo vicious!
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Pet parenthood is most like human parenthood in that we get to pick the perfect name for them. Here's a list of the top names for boy cats. A list of Cute Cat Names for Boy cats! Find the perfect name for your kitty by searching our list of + names by category!. Angus: A Scottish name for strong cats who love their independence. Max: One of the most popular names for male cats in the United States, Max is a strong.
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