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Dawson is mixed breed male puppy. Pippa Pippa is such a great addition to our family. They are both very healthy. Many of the items we sell are available to test out on the cats in the store. Earl formerly Kitten adoption memphis learned how to sit like us. Click the button kitten adoption memphis to receive periodic updates from the House of Mews. Delinger is mixed breed male puppy.
Cinnamon - Age: 19
Price - 128$

She had some head trauma, but has made a complete recovery. Fuerzy She has made my life so much richer and brighter. A link to a volunteer form will then be made available.

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Earl Earl formerly Corduroy learned how to sit like us. Our continued success depends on you!

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What we want for every animal in our care is a happy forever home where they'll be loved and cherished. So we LOVE getting updates from our adopters about. Learn more about Memphis Animal Services in Memphis, TN, and search the available pets they have up for adoption on Petfinder. Thank you for your interest in saving a life by adopting a pet! As the only open- intake shelter in Memphis, we bring in new pets most days, and we need.
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Smudge - Age: 30
Price - 153$

Happy in her new home.

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We would be so happy if you would help us! Here are our volunteer forms: Thankfully a friend of the rescue pulled him and flew him to safety! I moved here with no friends for a teaching job and he has completely turned my world around. We would love to show you around, introduce you to the kitties, and discuss the various volunteer opportunities within our organization. Delilah Delilah is full of kisses, loves every dog and cat, and cleans her plate at every meal. We help reduce the unwanted cat population by.
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Ebony - Age: 21
Price - 128$

We stock necessary items for your cat and unusual items as well.
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Memphis, Tn Mewtopia Cat Rescue is a non-profit community service organization that rescues homeless, abused, adoption; helping trap, alter and release stray/feral cats; educating the public on responsible animal ownership. ADOPTIONS/RECLAIMS/RESCUES. Open 7 days a week from pm. PLUS extended hours on. Tuesday & Thursday until 7pm. There are currently 48 cats available for adoption. Click on the for your cat. The House of Mews is located in the Cooper Young disctrict of Memphis, TN.
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