Pedialyte for kittens

Unflavored is best but any flavor would be fine. Sep 29, pedialyte for kittens. There is no substitution for a visit with a vet. Mix a few teaspoons of Pedialyte into the food and formula mixture you are feeding your little weaning kitty. Pedialyte is an electrolyte solution that is taken orally.
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I would recommend against going to the vet at PETsMART since the quality of medicine practiced there is quite inconsistent and the price is not necessarily lower. Leave the kitten on the floor, and lightly pinch the scruff.

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Pedialyte for Kittens With Diarrhea - Pets

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This may involve getting a fecal analysis from a veterinarian to track down the culprit.

Pedialyte for Kittens With Diarrhea

A vet assistant told me that I could give her Pedialyte original (no flavour), I have been fostering kittens for years and have seen a little bit of. About: Pedialyte is an oral electrolyte solution solution used to treat dehydration in children and cats. It contains not only water and glucose, but. When orphaned or rescued kittens are without their natural mother, the next best Pedialyte; Preparation-H Ointment; Notebook for log; Kitten Nursing Bottle.
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If a cat has diabetes or a kidney illness they will be likely to get dehydrated and can be offered some as a preventative measure.

Can I Give My Cat Pedialyte? Answer: Yes

While Pedialyte comes in flavored formulas, these flavors are designed to appeal to human babies and won't appeal to your furry friend. Most kitties have a mild case of worms when they're little, and that can result in diarreah You must log in or sign up to reply here. Sep 29, 4. If you need any more help, just drop me a line and i'd be happy to help. This afternoon I plan to take her to the PetSmart clinic, which I heard it is cheaper than regular clinic and the services are the same.
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Treating the cause of diarrhea is essential to ending it. For more extreme cases, subcutaneous fluid therapy may be advised.
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A vet assistant told me that I could give her Pedialyte original (no flavour), I have been fostering kittens for years and have seen a little bit of. If you can't do sub-Q fluids, syringe or bottle feed Pedialyte to the kitten before trying to feed it formula. A homemade version of an electrolyte solution is: one. If you're caring for kittens who have diarrhea, please take it seriously. Loose Pedialyte contains an optimal balance of glucose and electrolytes that will help.
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