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Deafness in the Odd-Eyed White Persian, which has one blue eye and one orange or copper eye, if it is present, usually is limited to the ear on the same side as the blue eye. The Persian is a delightfully dignified cat that is gentle, kind and extremely affectionate. A dividing blaze of color on the face adds interest to this brightly colored variety. Modern Persians are medium to large in size and stocky, with short persian cat breed legs, massive rumps and distinctively cobby profiles. Hi Megan, It's really hard to tell persian cat breed this picture due to age of the cat and the lightingbut it is possible.
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All must have deep vivid blue eyes as eyes other than blue are a disqualification.

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Types of Persian Cats

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A well-bred Persian is a hardy and healthy cat and is not more prone to illness and respiratory infections than other breeds. Although they love interacting with people, Persians are quite able to amuse themselves. All four colors have brilliant copper eyes.

Types of Persian Cats

The Persian cat is a long-haired breed of cat characterized by its round face and short muzzle. It is also known as the "Persian Longhair" in the English-speaking. Learn about your Persian housecat by learning more about it's physical characteristics and personality traits. Persian Cat Breed Guide: Comprehensive breed information about the Persian cat breed.
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Persian Cat Breed Source: The patched tabby may exhibit either the classic or mackerel pattern with the addition of patches of red. Can you identify what kind of persian my cat is?

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This is necessary whether or not the cat is being entered in the show ring. Persian Cat Breed Source: When they preen themselves, Persian cats have a tendency to swallow dead hair from their coat. But if they are unable to help you, keep reading:. The breed was originally established with a short muzzle, but over time, this characteristic has become extremely exaggerated, particularly in North America.
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Persians crave - and need - human companionship. Besides spending quality time, grooming will keep the coat clean and healthy and will allow you to check for serious problems. Retrieved August 4,
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An introduction to the Persian breed. the rare spices and jewels on the basket- laden camels was an even more precious cargo, an occasional longhair cat. Persian Cat Breed Guide: Comprehensive breed information about the Persian cat breed. Send us a photo of your Persian cat below in the the most traditional variety of this breed.
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