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I keep trying to, but they are made so I can't! I know all the kitties here would have a blast pet tree houses that tree. The leaves aren't real Ellen Ross Ask Away September 4, at 7: You have a real nice tree Cody.
Cleo - Age: 26
Price - 95$

Annesphamily August 31, at But there is no way it would fit in our living room MOL. We have seen these cat trees and think they are pawsome.

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Unique Cat Tree Houses with Real Trees from Pet Tree House - DigsDigs

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Cody's old sisal tree is in the bedroom where no one can see it lol Hey- this is very cool!

Unique Cat Tree Houses with Real Trees from Pet Tree House

About Us From a custom home builder of million dollar homes and a wife with a . Here are some of our clients playing in their new Pet Tree Houses. They all are . Home · About us · Store · Press · Purrtalk · Gallery.
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Milo - Age: 22
Price - 65$

So glad Cody is enjoying it so much. I wish PAWS could afford one to bring the outdoors in for the shelter cats.

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So far we have experienced ZERO bugs and the tree has been here approx 6 weeks: Caren Gittleman August 31, at 9: Have a great day all of you. While I was writing this, I kept saying "this is too long, it's too long" and there STILL is so much I didn't cover, such as some trees will arrive already put together and that Joe and Shelley have donated trees to some rescues, etc. But there is no way it would fit in our living room MOL. Anonymous August 31, at 6:
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Booger - Age: 26
Price - 92$

We Love The Cat Blogosphere! You are so lucky!!!!
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Pet Tree Houses:"Purrveyors of Natural Feline Fun" Review and Discount Code! Tomorrow, September 1st, is the beginning of Happy Cat. We craft natural indoor cat habitats The trees are made from real trees, adorned with silk foliage to provide a life-like audible & visual experience pettreehouses. Pet Tree Houses hand crafts real pet tree with silk leaves that allows your cat, dog, and other small animals to indulge their primal instincts reducing captive.
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