Why is my cat going bald

If the hair loss is from all over their body, with no bald patches appearing, this is completely natural and will soon pass. General poor health, nutrition or underlying disease An unhealthy diet, poor health or an undetected disease can all be causes for your cat to lose their hair. Sometimes the hair loss is psychological. Cats that are sick or why is my cat going bald for other reasons illness, feversrespiratory infections 1pregnancyetc. Fleas in particular, but also lice and mites are all possible causes of hair loss.
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If you have any questions or concerns, you should always visit or call your veterinarian -- they are your best resource to ensure the health and well-being of your pets. Diagnosing and treating an allergy will require you to work closely with the vet, as changes to their lifestyle and medications may both be required. As these will all be irritating to the skin, your cat might find it impossible not to scratch!

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My cat is going bald! Skin condition or stress?

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In severe cases, our vets will be able to prescribe medication to help them feel better and to cope with the stress; these drugs are powerful, but can be used for a short time then the dose gradually reduced as the cat adapts to the situation. There are, in fact, lots of reasons why a cat can be bald or suffer from hair loss or alopecia.

Hair Loss in Cats

Hair loss, or alopecia, is common in cats and can be partial or complete. Learn more about the symptoms & causes of why your cat is losing hair on petMD. Why do cats lick themselves to the point of losing hair? If your cat seems more interested in licking her fur than other activities like playing or eating, that's a red flag. You'll need to check with your vet to find out exactly what's going on. In most To ease the itch, she'll lick her fur until there are bald spots. Yikes are you noticing some bald patches on your cat? The good news for cat parents is that this hair loss in cats usually doesn't indicate a serious illness, and the . My female 1 year old cat, is going bald everywhere.
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Sometimes feline hair loss is benign and temporary. These result in redness of the skin, variably itchiness, scabs, hair loss and sometimes oozing sores or raw patches. As these will all be irritating to the skin, your cat might find it impossible not to scratch!

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Hair Loss in Cats. The compulsion may start because of some irritation to the skin as above , and then potentially continue on habitually, even after the inciting problem has resolved. Sometimes cats are born bald. Treating alopecia depends on the cause behind your cat's hair loss. General poor health, nutrition or underlying disease An unhealthy diet, poor health or an undetected disease can all be causes for your cat to lose their hair. There are also transient reasons for hair loss. Some cats, like the Sphynx , are born with hardly any hair.
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Stress Cats do suffer badly from stress-related conditions — this is because they evolved to be small carnivores who both hunt and are hunted, and as a result were largely solitary, or at least lived in small loose-knit family groups. And what, if anything, can you do about it?
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Does your cat seem to be going bald? What does Sometimes cats are born bald. Some cats, like the Sphynx, are born with hardly any hair. 3 days ago Therefore, if something is bothering your cat, the hind legs may naturally be a Because hair loss is generally uncommon in pets, bald spots should be Why Cats Pee in the Bathtub and How to Get Pets to Go in a Litter Box. Hi Dr. B., My cat Sherman is losing his hair. It started with a bald spot on his stomach, and now has grown to include.
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