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However, shedding does vary among the breeds. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Devon Rex who scottish rex cat outdoors also run the risk of being stolen by someone who would like to have such an unusual cat without paying for it. Some cat breeds are typically independent and aloof, even if they've been raised by the same person since kittenhood; others bond closely to one scottish rex cat and are indifferent to everyone else; and some shower the whole family with affection. Sometimes the tips of the ears are tufted with fine fur. Breed isn't the only factor that goes into affection levels; cats who were raised scottish rex cat a home with people around feel more comfortable with humans and bond more easily. Some cats are perpetual kittens — full of energy and mischief — while others are more serious and sedate.
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Some breeds sound off more often than others. Selkirk Rex - discovered in a shelter in Wyoming in , the first known Selkirk was born in a litter of normal coated kittens from a domestic dam.

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Scottish Rex Cat Club: Devon Rex

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The legs are long and slim, supported by small, oval paws. Bohemia Rex - is this a new or natural breed?

About the Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is a breed of intelligent, short-haired cat that emerged in England during the . Ragamuffin · Russian Blue · Scottish Fold · Selkirk Rex · Siamese · Siberian · Singapura · Snowshoe · Somali · Sphynx · Thai · Traditional Persian. Character. Devons are - inquisitive, friendly, fun loving, chatty, sociable cats who will help and hinder, with tail busily wagging. They generally eat all and. There have been many occurrences of wavy coated cats over the years, most never documented and most allowed to disappear into the general domestic/feral .
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A Devon Rex of course. They are relatively easy to take care of.

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Devons are food hounds. The Devon Rex is a faithful companion and will usually follow the object of their affection from room to room, waiting for the opportunity to leap onto their arms, lap, or shoulder. Allergies and Rexes Rexes are often recommended as being suitable for people with allergies. Their uncommonly large, slightly rounded ears are set low on the sides of their wide heads, their eyes are large, and their noses are slightly upturned. Malassezia dermatitis, a single-celled yeast that causes ear infections, greasy skin and itchiness, which is treated with antifungal drugs. Tamorie Winsome Wooster silver tabby takes the air Watch the bug! His curvy body starts with his head, a modified wedge shape with convex curves forming the outer edge of the ear lobes, the cheekbones and the whisker pads.
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In many cases, Devons are born with a rexed coat but lose it at the age of a few days to a few weeks, gradually growing it in again over the next few months. Children And Other Pets The active and social Devon Rex is a perfect choice for families with children and cat-friendly dogs.
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Character. Devons are - inquisitive, friendly, fun loving, chatty, sociable cats who will help and hinder, with tail busily wagging. They generally eat all and. If you are an SRCC member and would like a Breeder's card, please email us. Send one or two photos if you wish, also details of any cats you have at. Scottish Rex Cat Club. likes. Formed in , the SRCC is a small but enthusiastic and friendly band of Rex lovers who hail from both north and south.
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