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However Carla decides to put it out of her mind when she reaches the stadium, where she is happy the cat fairy tail greeted by Happy, and instead focuses on cheering for Mirajane, who is up against Jenny Realight from Team Blue Pegasus. Happy looks down through one of the vent cages and sees something and claims it was "alive". Archived from the original on April 16, Carla adds that it's "her style". However Gray manages to feed them some X-balls he got from Mystogan and they regain consciousness.
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After Gray defeats the Demon with the surrounding ice, Happy cheers along with Carla as they return to their former appearance, but their joy is short-lived as the creature that kept them from patrolling the skies earlier enters the fray. Carla then later flies with Wendy and Pantherlily in search of Lucy and Michelle.

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Happy (manga character)

Explore Erin Germano's board "Happy the cat, Fairy Tail" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Fairy tail ships, Drawings and Fairy tail. Explore Gina Tose's board "Happy the Cat" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Fairy tail ships, Fairy tales and Fairytale. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Fairy tail love, Drawings et Fairy tail anime. pet, or summoning Happy, Natsu's flying cat (Fairy Tail). no competition.
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Carla begins showing open hostility to Happy when he tries again to offer her a fish, to which she responds that she doesn't like fish and he should leave her alone. Although she hasn't, Wendy tells everyone Porlyusica reminded her a lot about Grandeeney. In the first OVA, he gives a tour of the guild's all-female dormitory to Wendy Marvell and Carla ; [30] in the second, he is depicted as an academy professor ; [31] in the third, he is sent six years into the past by a magic book; [32] in the fourth, Happy goes to a camp to support his friends' training for the Grand Magic Games; [33] in the fifth, he spends time at a water park ; [34] the sixth is a crossover OVA of Fairy Tail and Hiro Mashima's Rave Master series, where Happy meets Rave Master protagonists Haru Glory and Elie ; [35] in the seventh, Happy participates in a penalty game ; [36] in the eighth, he tries to cheer Mavis Vermillion up by finding one of her missing belongings; [37] and in the ninth, Happy attends a Christmas party held at Lucy's house.

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Wendy is nervous about meeting Laxus, until Erza comes over, and convinces her to forget the rumors she heard about him, and to go greet him. They are then seen in the river washing off the smell. This makes her have a glimmer of hope and even makes her call Happy by his name for once instead of "Male Cat". All three attempt to escape, and Carla asks Lucy if she's angry at them. Everyone panics including Edolas Fairy Tail.
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After everyone on the island shortly returns to attack Acnologia and save Makarov, Carla watches with Pantherlily and Happy, as the dragon flies into the air.
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Happy The Cat (Fairy Tail). 10K likes. Public Figure. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Fairy tail love, Drawings et Fairy tail anime. pet, or summoning Happy, Natsu's flying cat (Fairy Tail). no competition. Happy the Blue Cat Kanji あおネコ ハッピー Translated Title Happy the Blue Cat Information Volume Fairy Tail S #1 Japanese Release May 11, Volumes.
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