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Unleash awesome damage in Demolition Dude. Click on the Play Button and 'Kitten Cannon' will start after this message Some invaders have reached your lair looking what is kitten cannon your treasure. And see if you can score some sweet eats in Meal or No Meal! Indi Cannon Place poor Indiana inside the cannon and use him as bullet man.
Alex - Age: 32
Price - 130$

Ride your bike around town and deliver dynamite-loaded newspapers!

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Kitten Cannon Game

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If you get past the shock value, there's really no substance to this game. World of Warships 3. Use your mouse to launch this guy.

kitten cannon

Play Kitten Cannon for free on CrazyGames. It is one of our best Shooting games!. See how far you can shoot a kitten out af a cannon. Specifically a breech-loading B.O.X. Mark 12 recoilless cannon. In this case it was shooting K.A.T. internally guided ordnance. We used tham.
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Olivia - Age: 18
Price - 54$

Don't Shoot The Puppy. He will release fireballs from his helicopter and you'll have to arrange all kinds of objects to protect the brothers.

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After surviving the first zombie wave, John and Sam decided to start looking for survivors together. Game Information Kitten Cannon. Champions Online plunges players into a comic book setting where they must fight to become the hero they were meant to be! Creative Kill Chamber 2 4. Or, if you feel nasty, take a swing at 12 Stinky Poo games. World of Warships Become a Commander and plunge into world naval history!
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Willow - Age: 29
Price - 67$

Hunt or Die You'll learn how men used to hunt during prehistory.
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I loaded a kitten into the cannon. Then it says grab the cannon. I did this, but how on earth can I shoot the kitten? I hit EVERY available button on both controllers. Back. How to Play: Kitten Cannon is very simple to play. Just aim the cannon using the. up/down cursor keys and use space to fire. The red bar on the cannon. Play Kitten Cannon for free on CrazyGames. It is one of our best Shooting games!.
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