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They may not fight, but their behaviour is subdued and each one will sit as far as it can from the others, dotted around wherever they can find a bit of space of their own. Skip to main content. If the breeder has a range of litter ages and even breeds to choose from, or has different rooms full of cats, then look elsewhere. Zoonoses Cats and babies Cats and pregnancy cat health A to Z of conditions and treatments Life stages Keeping your cat healthy cat behaviour Cat behaviour described Problem behaviour Urine spraying Soiling indoors Scratching indoors Aggression between cats Aggression to humans Over-grooming Pica in cats Feline bereavement Anxious cats Stressed cats Problem behaviour Understanding your cat Why do cats? The more cats you have in an enclosure, the more risk there is of passing on diseases. This can lead to behaviour problems and a reduced ability to fight disease as well as increasing the shedding of cat super bowl. If you do want a pedigree kitten then you have to choose not only the breed you want where can i buy a cat here for A — Z of cat breeds click here for information on pedigree cats — things to considerwhere can i buy a cat also a breeder who can provide a kitten that's in the best of health and, equally importantly, that will make a good pet.
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Who bred the kitten? Advertisement There are many advertisements in newspapers, local stores or on the internet that offer kittens for sale. We advise that kittens should be alert and engaged with bright eyes and a sociable nature and that they shouldn't be removed from their mothers until the week mark.

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Advice on Buying Healthy Cats & Kittens for Sale | RSPCA

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What happens to kittens overnight when the shop is shut or if not all of them are bought? Where should I get a cat from?

Where to get your cat or kitten

Discover how to choose a kitten that will fit perfectly into your lifestyle. See where to buy a cat & how to ensure that they're healthy from the outset. If you're interested in getting a kitten, read this article to find out about the different places you can get one from adoption to pedigree breeders. You should never rush into buying a purebred cat. Let's talk about how to make an informed decision.
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This gives you a great deal of information about its health and welfare and the temperament of the mother. If you understand what can influence the health and welfare of a cat or kitten and how its environment and its care can also influence this, you can at least make an informed judgement — hopefully this new cat or kitten will be with you and your family for a long time. If you decide you want a pedigree cat there are again a couple of different routes to go down, depending on whether you want an adult or a kitten.

Adopting a kitten

The UK is experiencing a cat crisis and our adoption centres are often full. Just wanting to do good, or collecting lots of cats in the name of 'rescue', may meet a rescuer's own needs but it is not necessarily cat welfare. Sponsor our cat pods and provide neglected cats with the shelter, love and care they deserve. Many of us simply become cat owners because the cat chooses us — it turns up on the doorstep or in the garden and gradually works its way into the bedroom! A vet may be able to screen them to find out how likely they are to be affected. Have the kittens been wormed? Is the litter healthy?
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Expert information on cat biology, behaviour and advice about how to keep cats healthy and happy.
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Guidance about buying a cat to help you decide if you can give a cat the time, effort and finances it needs, select a healthy cat or kitten and bring it home safely. There are a variety of ways to find a pet cat – buy a pedigree cat from a breeder; get a kitten or adult cat from a homing/rescue centre or get one from a friend or. Search thousands of local kittens to buy from local rescues and shelters. Why buy a kitten for sale when you can adopt a kitten? Use the form to the right to find .
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