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What Does it Mean Now? Collars may be used in role-playing cute cat stuff involving erotic humiliation because they have connotations kitten play collar meaning control and pet -like status, especially when worn with a leash. Subscribe to Dominant Guide. The collar can be a powerful symbol; it can also be a convenient play toy. These collars vary according to the expression wanted by the people who wear them. I actually get a bit anxious at the thought of having to have it off now. Views Read Edit View history.
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When she put it on me, we said our own little vows to each other and it was very personal and deep. Archived from the original on For me, kink is not only sexual, but spiritual, emotional, and psychological, as well as a profound path for self- and other-exploration; in other words:

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Kitten's Space — My definition of Kitten Play:

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The standard form of a collar is a black leather band around the neck, often with metal D-rings added to allow the attachment of a leash , rope or other restraints; but to be more discreet in public, some people may wear an ordinary choker or jewelry necklace for the same symbolic purpose.

Collar (BDSM)

In a BDSM context, a collar is a device of any material worn by a person around the neck to indicate their submissive or slave status in a BDSM relationship. My definition of Kitten Play: Kitten Play is a category of Pet Play. It's the Getting your first collar can be as big of a deal as you want it to be. Colars in pet play So what is a collar for? Well there are 2 reasons for having a collar. One is that you love to express the kitten side of yourself.
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For me, it means a pretty serious commitment. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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Collars often feature buckles , straps and hooks , padlocks and other attachments. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Some kittens are strays, which means that they do not have a partner. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. You may run across other ways that collars are used. As always, mileage may vary. They might be single, available and looking for a Dominant partner.
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With years of mentoring, ministering, coaching, and teaching under my belt, I'm excited to share my ever expanding knowledge and experience with Dominant Guide readers, in a mutual learning process with you and the whole kink community.
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Colars in pet play So what is a collar for? Well there are 2 reasons for having a collar. One is that you love to express the kitten side of yourself. Kitten play is a sub category of pet play - which is a BDSM practice. me why I wear a collar, ears, and tail, and I told them it is because I practice Kitten Play. You searched for: kitten play collar! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. No matter.
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