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Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine. Such anthropomorphic portrayals of animals were very popular in Victorian England and were often found in prints, on louis wain cats cards and in satirical illustrations such as those of John Tenniel. His work at this time includes a wide multi colored cats of animals, and he maintained his ability to draw creatures of all kinds louis wain cats his lifetime. Under the pseudonym of George Henri Thompson, he illustrated numerous books for children by Clifton Bingham published by Ernest Nister. Found in an antique shop and since preserved in the Guttman-Maclay Collection of psychiatric art at the Bethlem Museum of the Mind, louis wain cats portraits feature a realistic cat that morphs into a frenzied apparition before fragmenting into a jagged kaleidoscope of almost electric geometry.
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The general reaction was less than enthusiastic, with one critic reportedly asking Wain: Such anthropomorphic portrayals of animals were very popular in Victorian England and were often found in prints, on greeting cards and in satirical illustrations such as those of John Tenniel.

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The Colorful, Dancing, Psychedelic Cats of Louis Wain - Artsy

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At the age of 20, Wain was left to support his mother and his five sisters after his father's death. Wells said of him, "He has made the cat his own. Retrieved from " https:

Louis Wain

Louis Wain (5 August – 4 July ) was an English artist and diagnosed schizophrenic who made a name from drawing self-conscious. Aug 10, Louis Wain (August - July ) was well known for his drawings of wide eyed cats and kittens. From through the 's he worked for. Sam Woolfe: Louis Wain: Schizophrenic Artist Obsessed With Cats Louis Wain - Cat Amongst the Flowers Cat Drawing, Cat Flowers, Pink Flowers.
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This gives me doubly nature, and these studies I think [to be] my best humorous work. In his later years he may have suffered from schizophrenia although this claim is disputed among specialists , which, according to some psychiatrists , can be seen in his works. The illustration depicted cats, many of which resembled Peter, doing things such as sending invitations, holding a ball, playing games, and making speeches, spread over eleven panels.

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Despite the series being known to be assembled, and the pictures not dated since the s, "their representation of something that doesn't exist, namely psychotic deterioration, has been surprisingly robust". Wells and the personal intervention of Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin. He was discovered by chance a year later—many of his fans had presumed Wain was dead. Wain was modest, naive and easily exploited, ill-equipped for bargaining in the world of publishing. Walter Maclay, who arranged them in an order that seemed to suggest a clinical progression of mental illness. Napsbury was relatively pleasant, with a garden and colony of cats, and he spent his final 15 years there in peace. If Wain had visual agnosia, it might have manifested itself merely as an extreme attention to detail.
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She died before this happened, but he continued to make cat sketches.
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At the turn of the century, Louis Wain became a household name as 'The Man Who Drew Cats'. Louis Wain used to draw all kinds of animals to a point. After that, he began drawing only cats. Let's explore the story behind his 'obsession'. Louis Wain (5 August – 4 July ) was an English artist best known for his drawings, which consistently featured anthropomorphised large-eyed cats.
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