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To thank Sam, Cat lets her reside at her grandmother Nona's apartment with her. The gang briefly resumes production, this time to stockpile soda sam and cat blooper episode themselves. Sam eats all of the meatballs that Cat has prepared for a special moon dinner, and is wanting more. The girls order several useless items, happily receiving them even as the buggy drone smashes their kitchen window. Sam then leaves the apartment, upset over her unwanted present, and Cat later finds her near a sidewalk.
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They finally find one that looks exactly like Opee, but the owner of the shelter says it's vicious. Afterward, Zakappa cries that he wants a re-match and when he pushes Sam aside, after she tells him to accept the defeat, she wrestles him to the mat where the fight took place. Dice is caught, but Sam manages to trick the workers into delivering all the show's props to their apartment rather than to the warehouse.

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Sam and Cat then go to the house and confront those babysitters. She says the famous rapper was mean to her, ridiculing her hair, her dancing, and the hat she wore to the audition. Sam seeks revenge by getting her twin sister Melanie Jennette McCurdy, reprising a dual role from the iCarly episode "iTwins" out to Los Angeles from her boarding school in Vermont , then making up an illness known as "twinfection".


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Goomer's mother comes to town, having no idea her son is an MMA fighter. Afterward, Zakappa cries that he wants a re-match and when he pushes Sam aside, after she tells him to accept the defeat, she wrestles him to the mat where the fight took place.

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Sam calls up her tech-savvy friend Freddie a former iCarly character who later appears in " TheKillerTunaJump" who traces the authors of the reviews. The girls perform their version of CPR on him and save him. Cat takes advantage of the ATM's quirk, getting money from it regularly, not realizing it is wrong. Sam and Cat search frantically for Dice, and learn from Gibby that Nora is responsible for his disappearance. Retrieved July 3, After the incident, Sam and Cat are at the hospital where they make up with Freddie and Robbie. Sam's decision prompts Rita to take a break from her career, and she joins Sam and Cat at their apartment, along with others, to watch a movie.
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Paul Coy Allen [27]. Retrieved December 20, After Cat watches the news for her homework, she and Sam become fascinated by a story about an online vendor that delivers its packages via flying drones.
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Sam & Cat is an American sitcom that originally aired on Nickelodeon from June 8, to July .. The episode includes blooper clips, dancing clips, outtake clips, prop problem clips, exciting clips, yawning montage clips and even some Drake. Directed by Adam Weissman. With Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande, Cameron Ocasio, Maree Cheatham. The cast of Sam & Cat share bloopers while filming. BlooperEpisode is the 28th episode of Sam& Cat. Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande, Cameron Ocasio, Maree Cheatham and Zoran Korach are on a lunch.
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