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You can find out more in our privacy policy. Just like the similarly diminutive Lambkin Catthe Skookum cat is bred from the Munchkin cat. An interesting subject is the naming of this cat breed. The rex type fur is low shedding. It is also used to signify skookum cat breeders health or good spirits. More cute and rare than exotic. For now the skookum cat breeders are endless, but as the breed becomes more standardized, that may change.
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I am concerned because there are so many puppy mills based on designer hybrid dogs and would absolutely be crushed if this happened to cats. I was in touch with Australia breeder, but am wondering if you know of one on long island? They are fun loving and kittenish cats, playful and athletic and fond of jumping and climbing.

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Skookum Cats - A Complete Guide To A New Breed

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The cat was approaching her 15th birthday at the time and lived for another 5 years. Munchkin The founding dwarf cat and a popular and well known dwarf cat.

Skookum Cats: Breed Information, Facts & Advice

Skookum Cat Breeders in United States. LaPerm, Munchkin, and Skookum cat breeder and information. Registry: TICA - The International Cat Association. Skookum Breeders Australia. breeder image Short-n-Sweet - Munchkin and Skookum Breeder - Mackay. If you are a breeder and would like to be listed here, . Kattivate cattery – breeding fun loving skookums, laperms and munchkins in the beauitful waikato of new zealand!!! (New Zealand).
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Taken globally there are more people with the wrong attitude towards animals as those with the correct attitude. LaPerms are known for their curly coats. Probably has in fact.

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They are easy to care for, but they still require the basic care that you would give any cat. I am not sure if the standard has been changed or not, as we have not bred in about 7 — 8 years. The link takes you to some fine Helmi Flick photographs and a full description. The cat associations have similar concerns. Skookum is the name of a breed of cat.
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Skookum Breeders Australia. breeder image Short-n-Sweet - Munchkin and Skookum Breeder - Mackay. If you are a breeder and would like to be listed here, . Are you looking for a quality skookum kitten for sale? If yes, here is a list of all the Skookum Cat Breeders in the United States. Available Kittens. They are recognized as an experimental breed by some cat registries, and Skookum cat breeders are working hard to make this delightful.
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