Cat gagging but not throwing up

Add a comment to Dusty's experience. She has since lost her appetite and dry heaving with sometimes a little bit of foam. If she is eating and drinking and bright and happy, you may be okay to monitor the behavior, but without seeing her, ir might be best to have her examined to figure out what she is doing and whether it needs treatment. I will mention we got a little cat gagging but not throwing up about 3 months ago who hasn't toy persian cat vaccinated yet. She started doing this Monday night. Add a comment to Cory's experience. Every two weeks or so my cat will begin licking my arm seriously for several minutes and I know he's going to be sick in a few hours.
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Is this something that would clear up on it's own similar to my other younger cat? Without examining your kittens, it is hard for me to comment on what might be going on, but having them examined by your veterinarian would be a good idea, as kittens are prone to some infectious diseases and parasites that need to be treated. My cat has a dry heaving cough for a couple of days now I thought it was a hair ball but its been days now with this cough.

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5 Tricky Conditions You Might THINK are Hairballs

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I believe that she has some sort of blockage. Ensuring that both your cat and puppy are wormed regularly with an effective anthelmintic will help against parasites; cats may heave and vomit for a variety of reasons including hairballs, other foreign objects, allergies, irritation among others. Seems like he has something caught got sick a small bit not much.

Dry Heaving in Cats

Cat Hairballs may be Asthma, Heartworm or more Sometimes though, no hairball is produced; then you ask “Could it be something else? hacking and gagging in distress until she vomits up the offending wad of hair. It helps reduce vomiting and helps pass hair rather than balling up in cat tummies. Many owners attribute their cat's vomiting to hairballs, but that's not the only culprit. by opening his mouth–unlike vomiting, where there's gagging and retching. He didn't end up vomitting anything up. I'm a bit worried as I've never seen him vomit before (never been home for it, but he has puked twice before), so I'm not.
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Add a comment to Mittens's experience. The kitten is up to date on all immunizations.

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If your cat is just eating too fast and spitting up the food he just ate, this is not usually a medical problem; it is more of a portion control issue that you can fix by giving your cat smaller portions. Add a comment to Maemo's experience. Some medical disorders that often produce gagging and coughing symptoms are asthma, allergies, feline heartworm disease and upper respiratory infection. Add a comment to Izzy's experience. Fizzle may have parasites that need to be treated, or an intestinal infection. My cat is dry heaving white frothy foam, and everywhere I touch him his growling at me and wont let me touch him , I found two small ticks on him , but he wont let me touch him to look for more , he trys to eat but vomits the frothy stuff up when he does.
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If it continues, however, it would probably be a good idea to have her seen by a veterinarian to try and figure out what the problem is for her. Add a comment to Mittens's experience.
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My beloved Lily is gagging but not being sick. . easy to clean up, the other one hacks them up while throwing up food too - very messy and not. If your cat is suddenly vomiting, dry heaving, has abdominal pain and . is stuck in her mouth like licking over and over almost like if it was gagging but not. Many owners attribute their cat's vomiting to hairballs, but that's not the only culprit. by opening his mouth–unlike vomiting, where there's gagging and retching.
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