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Not unlike a human hand held up high in greeting, a raised cat tail straight up tail is the cat tail straight up of a relaxed, happy cat. Understanding… Cat Food Breakdown: That would be super weird. You might consider taking a break from your daily business to play with your cat if you notice a curve in her tail. This is a sign your feline is feeling fine and experiencing anticipation, pleasure, or excitement. Cat experts say that cats who feel afraid and threatened will puff up the hair on their backs and tails in an effort to look larger to their opponents. You will also get free access to more thanMercola.
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A tail resembling a pipe cleaner reflects a severely agitated and frightened cat trying to look bigger to ward off danger. January 03, Edition:

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What You Can Learn From Watching Your Cat's Tail | Care2 Healthy Living

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What You Can Learn from Watching Your Cat’s Tail

When your cat is approaching you, someone else, or another animal and is holding its tail straight up, it means that your cat is open and even a bit happy to meet. Friendly cat tails seek to decrease the distance between individuals. The high- held tail pointed straight up is the feline equivalent of a “howdy!. Tail straight up: This signals that your cat is feeling friendly or content. Usually your cat's tail will stand straight up when he's around you. Mother.
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The views expressed above are solely those of the author and may not reflect those of Care2, Inc. A cat who's feeling confident, comfortable, and content holds his tail high and straight.


We have two cats, one 6 years and the other 9 months. A tail that sways slowly from side to side usually means your cat is focused on an object. This is usually accompanied by an arched back. They wait for symptoms to occur, and often treat those symptoms without addressing the root cause. When your cat sees or hears something alarming or frightening, he may begin acting strange or automatically try to make himself look smaller. You may notice your cat's tail standing tall with a slight curve on the end, like a question mark. Not unlike a human hand held up high in greeting, a raised cat tail is the sign of a relaxed, happy cat.
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All cats are different in their behavior, tolerance and likes, but there are some general patterns that people can use to determine how the cat is feeling. If you see a cat crouched on the ground staring at something with a little slow twitching of the tail tip - chances are something looks interesting!
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“The tail-up posture — tail straight up with a slight curve at the end — is a signal that the cat is approaching amicably,” Ballantyne continues. When your cat is approaching you, someone else, or another animal and is holding its tail straight up, it means that your cat is open and even a bit happy to meet. Did you ever notice when a cat is happy it walks with its tail high up in the air If its tail takes on a straight up position, things are better in the cat's world, but if it.
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