How to kitten proof your house

It's also important to immediately pick up any pills accidently dropped on the floor before kitty finds them. How to kitten proof your house what you should look out for and remove from behind couches and shelves before bringing your kitten home:. Keep toilet seats down. You should make sure all fence doors are locked in your yard or garden so your kitten cannot leave your yard unattended. Lilies, sago palms, oleanders, rhododendrons, and castor beans are harmful houseplants that you should remove and keep out of your home indefinitely, or until you're no longer a cat owner.
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This will make it more difficult for your kitten to play with the cords and chew on them.

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10 Easy Ways to Kitten-Proof Your Home

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Secure cabinet doors and drawers.

How to kitten-proof your home

Protect furniture and pet with these simple dos and don'ts of kitten-proofing your home to prevent clawing, chewing and accidents. How to Kitten Proof Your Home. Getting a kitten can be a cause of celebration and excitement. Before you bring your new furry friend home, you should also take. Even the most experienced cat owners can find it difficult to kitten-proof a home. Arm yourself with this list, and a kitten's-eye view of the world.
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Not sure about food puzzles?

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You may decide to fence off an area of your yard with a baby fence or a pet fence so your kitten can play outside in a secure area. Cats, as they get older, adapt to their human's schedule. You should take extra care with sharp items like shaving razors, nail clippers, and metal nail files. Tie back the strings on curtains and drapery. Thank you for your support. While it might seem obvious to tie up the cords on your blinds, be sure to tuck electrical cords out of Kitty's reach as well. When you're trying to cat proof furniture in your home, don't just think about what your kitten might scratch; think about items she can climb on:
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Lock up medication, cosmetics, and soaps. Related Pet Care Articles. You should try to block off any small open areas in your kitchen, such as under the refrigerator, the oven, and the dishwasher.
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It's important to remember that your kitten will be naturally inquisitive and will set about exploring every corner of his or her new home. Learning how to cope with . Even the most experienced cat owners can find it difficult to kitten-proof a home. Arm yourself with this list, and a kitten's-eye view of the world. Young age cats are quick and agile. So, here are a few places to start on the daunting task of kitten-proofing your home?.
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